Analyst expects Apple to set new record for Mac sales this quarter

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster today “revealed that the latest domestic sales data from the NPD Group shows U.S. sales down 7 percent year over year through the first two months of the September quarter,” AppleInsider reports.

“But in both the March and June quarters of 2012, Apple’s total sales outpaced NPD’s domestic number by 12 percentage points,” AppleInsider reports. “Based on that Munster, is estimating that Mac sales will be up 5 percent year over year in the September quarter, which would imply sales of 5.1 million Macs.”

AppleInsider reports, “Apple’s previous record for the September quarter came last year, when the company reached sales of 4.9 million Macs. The Mac maker’s all-time record came in the holiday quarter of 2011, when Apple sold a total of 5.2 million desktops and notebooks.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Reverse engineered estimation logic.

    – White man cutting wood for winter climbs mountain to ask Indian there if winter will be long
    – Indian says “Yes hard winter this year”
    – White man goes back and cuts more wood and later goes to Indian asking “how hard will the winter bee”
    – Indian says “very harsh and long winter”
    – White man cuts ore wood and come back to Indian
    – Indian says “Worst winter ever”
    – White man ask “How do you know, did you see some signs that winter is getting worst and worst”
    – Indian says “Very hard winter, White man making big pile of Wood”

  2. Fuck the analysts. If for some reason Apple doesn’t quite make their estimates, those same analysts will start talking about the “end of Apple’s reign” and the Fandroids and Windrones will will laugh and point fingers and clutch their little ‘Droids ever closer.

    The only thing Apple has to do is surpass their own, already high, standards… which, though some will disagree on this or that product/OS update, they’ve done consistently for over a decade.

    So, again, I say fuck the analysts. Who needs ’em?

    1. Looks are fine. They’ve had same ID for a long time– pretty nice too. Mainly CPU. Everyone knows they’re way overdue for a refresh… and it’s coming this year.

      You’re right about “if it works,” but I don’t want to buy right before the refresh.

  3. If they come out with the new iMac this quarter I’m ordering one ASAP. I actually really like the look of the current iMac. I think the design still looks fresh so it does’t bother me if mainly the innards are the only major upgrade.

    1. On second thought…Apple is probably thinking up a case design that I don’t even know that I like better than this one. I always THINK I’m happy with the current one I have, then Apple presents the new one, and I’m not happy anymore. Darn Apple! ; )

      1. Agree. New designs often bastardize the winning design that already exists. iMacs are very attractive and do not need a whole lot of tweaking. Internals, well have at it Apple go nuts.

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