Apple is the 8th fastest-growing company in the world

“The scary thing – if you’re an Apple competitor – is that even though Apple is huge right now, it’s still growing,” Buster Heine reports for Cult of Mac.

“Fortune released their list of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the world today, and Apple came in at #8 while competitors like Google and Samsung didn’t even make the list,” Heine reports. “Apple’s 3-year average for Revenue Growth is at 52%, while their Profit Growth is at 70%.”

Heine reports, “Even though many investors were worried that Apple’s stock would start slipping now that Steve Jobs is gone, Apple has continued to post record-breaking quarters.””

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The Top 10 of Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies
1. Silver Wheaton
2. Cirrus Logic
3. Baidu
4. HollyFrontier
5. HFF
6. lululemon athletica
7. Northern Oil and Gas
8. Apple
9. IPG Photonics
10. RPC

Niamh Sweeney writes for Fortune, “Some had worried that the loss of Steve Jobs might hinder the seemingly relentless forward march of Apple. They needn’t have. Since Jobs passed away last year, Apple’s share price has risen almost 80%. In August, the iPhone maker overtook Microsoft as the largest-ever U.S. company by stock-market value. The only negative spot so far this year came when the company fell short of Wall Street’s expectations with a rare earnings miss in the third quarter due to lower-than-expected iPhone sales. That said, the 26 million iPhones sold still represented a 22% increase over the same period in 2011 – not too shabby, considering the hotly anticipated release of the iPhone 5 may have delayed purchases by some holdouts. Sales of the iPad hit a record in the last quarter, up 84% year-on-year, but the iPhone remains the undisputed king of growth at Apple.”

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  1. Isn’t Cirrus Logic one of Apple’s suppliers? If it were not for Apple, would they be at the number 2 position? And Baidu in China, is there a similar growth story due to Apple’s growth and ease of use with their iOS devices?

    lululemon and the others are there on there own non-Apple merits.

  2. just skimming the actual article we see some caveats in the results:

    for example some of the companies are posting record growth due to coming out of the recession (they grew slowly or contracted. If they contracted just getting back to ‘normal size’ migh mean high growth rates) , other companies are expanding by taking on massive debt (increase income by buying new production facilities)

    Apple is sort of unique as it’s growth rate has been very high consistently for years right through the recession and has no debt.

    (interestingly high growth rate companies like Lululemon has also high P.Es — lulu’s at 54 while Apple is at 15.
    If Apple had the same P.E, aapl would be thousands of dollars instead of around 700 )

  3. “The scary thing – if you’re an Apple competitor – is that even though Apple is huge right now, it’s still growing,”

    Also why it’s not scary to be a long term AAPL stockholder.

  4. BS. the caveats in this list are too long to even mention. Hell, the gas station at the corner added a 4th cashier, a 33% increase in company size. The sewing fabric store that just opened two years ago increased their sales 10000% year-over-year.

    Misleading headlines are useless and not worth the electrons they’re printed on…

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