Microsoft’s beleaguered Nokia Lumia phones get poor reception

“Nokia’s shares slumped Wednesday as the company’s new line of Lumia smartphones didn’t impress Wall Street,” Benjamin Pimentel blogs for MarketWatch. “The rollout also didn’t do much for Microsoft, the Finnish company’s partner whose shares were trading mostly flat.”

“Microsoft is clearly banking on the Lumia becoming a hot seller and giving the software company a much-needed lift in the mobile market,” Pimentel writes. “Lumia was billed as the flagship for Windows Phone 8, the Redmond, Washington’s company’s latest attempt to have a significant presence in the mobile arena where it’s been taking a beating from such players as Apple Inc.”

Pimentel writes, “‘Microsoft still needs to jump start their mobile business,’ UBS analyst Brent Thill told MarketWatch. ‘I’m not sure Nokia is their battery.'”

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MacDailyNews Note: After the event, shares of Microsoft’s beleaguered Nokia plummeted 16.43%, or -46.4 cents, to $2.365.

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  1. Not to worry, Microsoft.

    Smartphone wannabe market leaders like Samsung, LG, HTC have no choice but to go with stolen technology and risk the legal system or go with Micosoft and at least have a legal (but non-viable) phone to peddle.

  2. Microsoft’s share of the mobile market can’t take a beating. You have to show up somewhere to get beaten down, and being lumped under the “other” category in smartphone pie charts doesn’t count as showing up.

  3. Hm, but then to be fair: doesn’t Apple’s stock also take a hit with each product announcement as all the wild rumor mill frothing dissipates with yet another ‘disappointing’ announcement?

  4. You guys just kill me! Wow! This is a world class Nokia device. Now Apple FanBoys are monitoring stock price glitches?

    Get a life! Let’s see how the street responds to a new (not so new) iPhone. Sure millions will be sold to the Cult members but is that where this ends? Time will tell!

    1. I expect you to come back in here and eat your words when ip5 becomes the best selling phone of all time. You’ll have no problem admitting you’re wrong (yet again) right?

      Oh, wait… You’ll just make some bullshit, straw man claims that samsung and your precious asian OEMs will bury the iPhone when the next ‘flagship’ knockoff is released in 6 months. You’ll never see the truth no matter how many times you have to be hit in the face with it. I guess sometimes its easier to stay delusional rather than have your fragile grip on reality come crashing down around you?

    2. These “world class Nokia devices” are every bit as DOA as the previous line of Lumias. Why? Because they run Windows Phone, which has proven itself beyond any shadow of a doubt to be a failed product, a hideous kiss of death for all those devices unfortunate enough to run it.

      By the way, who goes to internet forums for products they don’t even own and denies reality? Pat!

      Perhaps you need to get a life. And/or some medication.

  5. I love everything Apple, but some of those detractors are right on the money with the stock price fall. Almost inevitably, every Apple announcement, no matter how fantastic, has been followed by a pummeling in the market.

    I reason that there is always a percentage of investors who have no idea how to evaluate the potential of any new offering and recoil in fear until others tell them it is O.K. to come back in the water. Truly stupid but that seems to be the way it works.

  6. How does this impact your love (or hate) of Apple products?
    The price and availability will go something like this.

    Price-About the same as everyone else.
    availability- later
    capabilities- OOOh, look it has Facebook.

    1. Price?
      iPhones have had relatively consistent pricing since the original, large price drop. Others have rapidly resorted to BOGO offers after a few months on the market. Competitors to the iPhone are often sold for little profit in order to pump up sales statistics. Cheap smart phones are a necessary evil. Not everyone can afford an iPhone 5. For that crowd Apple will very likely ship the iPhone 4S at a very reduced price (like the iPhone 4 now) and probably even an iPhone 4 for next to nothing. True, its not a BOGO kind of thing, but it will allow people who cannot afford the top of the line iPhone 5 to still get an iPhone that can run the latest iOS. (As opposed to the newest Motorola announcement that says the NEXT versions of the RAZR will not even ship with the latest version of the Android OS when they finally do arrive.)

      iPhones are to be available starting from 14 September to 27 September depending upon what rumor you prefer. Since the original introduction of the first iPhone Apple has not pre-announced an iPhone by more than three weeks. Conversely **ALL** the major manufacturer smart phones announced today have NO availability date given at all. In point of fact one manufacturer went so far as to say that they won’t name a date for shipping the units until next quarter. The only *unofficial* claim from the announcements today is that they will all be shipping before Christmas 2012!

      Other than NFC (which iOS 6 seems to make irrelevant) I don’t see any significant capability in any of today’s announced phones that is not in the core set of rumors for the iPhone.

  7. I would actually like Nokia to do well with their phones…

    Nokia were desimated by iPhone, while Microsoft’s strategy is, well, Microsoft…but at least they are using their own product. Will it ever compete in quality, form or function? Of course not.

    But android, and in particular Samsung, are selling a stolen product with terrible quality, ripping off customers and enabling Google’s evil goal.

  8. At least the Lumia phones are original designs, and attractive ones at that. Pity they never seem to get a really good OS to go with it.
    I’d be happy to see Nokia pick up sales with these phones, they are not a shameless rip-off, their phones generally have been reliable, (apart from the crappy N95 I had), and competition is always good, when it’s through originality and creativity, something that a few on here are quite clearly congenitally incapable of recognising.

    1. Yeah, Rorschach, “Lumia phones are original designs”, because no-one had ever risked their mobile fortunes on a touch-screen phone before Nokia and Microsoft came along to give us this Nokia-Microsoft partnership.

      In fact, here’s Microsoft visionary, Steve Ballmer, breaking new ground, profoundly predicting the future of mobile phone technology by proselytising about the advantages of a touch-screen-only-keyboard, before his company and Nokia became the first and only company to release a touchscreen-only phone (you know, because “the Lumia phones are original designs”):

  9. Nokia is a DMW, and everyone knows it. Sorry, Apple-haters, but the writing is on the wall: The Lumia is, at its core, inferior in design, OS, and reception quality; its advertising is false, lying, and misleading (the image-stabilization video), and the product will not even ship THIS YEAR . . . IF EVER! (Remind you of any OTHER company they’re partnered with?)

    Sad to see a company that was once so high fall so low.

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