Analyst: Apple positioning itself to dump all Google products, including search

“Apple is positioning itself to abandon all of Google’s products, including their almighty search product, Ben Schacter, an internet analyst for Macquarie Research, told CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street’ Tuesday,” Cadie Thompson reports for CNBC. “‘This is an issue we think is going to happen ultimately,’ Schacter said. ‘Whether it happens this week or next week on the iPhone 5 or iOS6 launch, we don’t know for sure. But we think ultimately, we will see these companies completely apart, and that means apart even on search.'”

“Apple announced earlier in June at its annual developers conference that it was ditching Google Maps for its own mapping system and since then there has been much speculation about whether the iPad maker would also soon be scrapping Google search,” Thompson reports. “The iPhone maker also announced this summer that it would no longer have YouTube, which Google owns, pre-installed on its next generation iPhone.”

Thompson reports, “Schacter said that while he sees Apple dropping Google search, he doesn’t see the iPhone maker turning to another search engine like Microsoft’s Bing to replace Google in its products. Rather, he said Apple is likely to adopt more of an app-centric search for users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve said many times in the past: “Google will rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.”

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  1. Google on my iPhone and iPad will not be missed. I find myself seldom using Google search on my iOS devices anymore.

    I’m looking for a restaurant, I use Yelp. If I’m looking for some other location (grocery store, sporting good store, etc.), I search on the Maps application. For info on some question, I go directly to Wikipedia (sorry Siri, you are still beta).

    So adios Google and as Randy Quaid famously said in Independence Day: Payback is a bitch, ain’t it!

    1. You are the poster child as to why this is not a big deal for Google or Apple. The new lines in the sand have been drawn and let’s enjoy the battle of Google Vs Apple Vs Microsoft and vice versa. Have at it boys!

      1. Advertising revenue is Google’s lifeblood, and iOS has the largest mobile userbase to exploit(despite how Android supposedly has a larger marketshare, survey after survey has shown that it somehow has less active users than iOS. A lot less.).

        Getting dumped from iOS would be disasterous for Google, *at least* halving their mobile revenue over night. So, yes, that would be a big deal.

      1. Scissorhands,

        Actually, Maps gives you the phone number which your iPhone can dial automatically with a touch of the finger. Yelp, gives you both phone and website, again accessible by a touch.

        Like I said, the need for Google search, especially on iOS devices is going away.

  2. Cleanse all signs of GoogleShit from our Macs and iOS devices.

    Fed up with these liars, moles, ass scum infringers and copiers. They are the scum of the earth.

    I ditched my Google email accounts and don’t use their stinking search engine. Fsck em.

  3. I have said many times how Apple should get into search. If Microsoft could do it and do a reasonably good job I don’t see what’s stopping Apple. Even if it’s a loss leader, the negative impact it would have on Google is too large to ignore.

    Imagine Apple unveiling an ad-free search engine, built-in across all devices, integrated with Siri. As part of the unveiling, they talk about Google and how they make billions out of personal information and selling ads. This would be huge – most people are clueless about Google and see them as benevolent offering a wide variety of services for free. They are too stupid to make the connection that they are actually the product that Google sells.

    It would take an entity like Apple, and an ad-free search engine instantly available to hundreds of millions of users, to change the public perception of Google.

    Make it happen!

      1. Siri is too buggy for many people to use confidently. Until this is fixed I wouldn’t count on Siri alone.

        A standalone search engine could also reach users who don’t have Siri – Macs and PCs. Macs will eventually get Siri but PCs will likely not.

        1. Never managed to run into a problem with Siri.
          Anyways, Siri is still in beta. Not going to comment on it until they release V1.

          Apple doesn’t built products for 3rd parties.
          Its goal isn’t to take over search but give their products their solution. So who cares about PC.

          1. Imagine the success of the iPod (and iPhone for that matter) if iTunes remained exclusive to Mac. You’re not serious, are you?

            Who cares about the PC? Apple does, and so does Google.

            Search will be another “halo effect” sort of thing. If Apple does it right it can bring users to purchase more of their hardware.

        2. I keep hearing this “buggy” comment, but have not found it buggy at all. It has limits. Don’t we all?

          If it’s a pure web search, I just say “Search…” and whatever I would normally type into a search field. From Google it gets exactly what Google would give if I typed it.

          For other things, I just say whatever fits what I need.

          “Spell super-seed.”
          “Remind me to get gas when I leave.”
          “What plane just went overhead?”
          “When is my dentist appointment?”
          “When is my wife’s birthday?” (test question!)

          What exactly do people find going wrong?

        1. Siri uses Google if you say “Google for… ” I would imagine Bing or Yahoo would work as well… You can also start a request as if you’re addressing Wolfram explicitly “Wolfram, what’s the deepest lake in Arizona” if you want to make sure you don’t get any marketing results.

          1. Siri uses whichever search engine you have set as your primary. I use Bing since I long ago cut ties with Google, so when I say “search the web for _______” Siri pulls up Bing.

  4. Yes, and Apple could build a search engine that returns results based on true relevancy, rather than who bought the most advertising with those key words. A clean, simple search result that ranked items by true relevancy would be a breath of fresh air and save lots of wasted time.

  5. I just use search, I don’t give a damn whether it’s google or whoever – search is search.

    To the average consumer for all they care google search could be called rotten eggs on toast or anything else for that matter as long as whatever you search for comes up with relevant search results.

    Apple have already dumped the search bar in safari so all they need to do is make it do apple search and not google search.

    Ive always believed that Aplple should develop its own web search engine.

    Googles dead anyway. The google brand offers no value, it’s a company the has no morals or integrity and if google closed down tomorrow I probably wouldn’t even notice to be honest.

    That’s how unimportant google is.

      1. According to an American Jury and don’t you forget that! Our CFO just came back from Germany and France and the least that he can say is that the Apple logo colored with the American flag with no so nice comments seems to be the sentiment. Apple needs a Jury or Court outside the US to suggest that someone has stolen something from them.

        Maybe Apple will be found guilty of stealing IP on foreign soil so as to level the playing field.

        1. The truth escapes you completely. The fact that the Judge, a Korean ex-pat, does not mean a Korean bias but an American Jury does mean an American bias says it all when it comes to your thought process.

          You have been listening to one too many Fandroid.

      1. AAPL value is almost three times GOOG (some $630B, vs $220B).

        Individual share price is totally meaningless; AAPL had multiple splits since its inception; GOOG never did. More importantly, AAPL has almost a billion shares outstanding, GOOG just about 330 million.

  6. It’s quite obvious that Google’s strategy of just covering as much of the mobile base as possible with Android isn’t panning out as they had planned or hoped for. Google is only interested in having as much screen space as possible for them to sell ad space to the advertisers. Google just wants to gobble up Internet real estate that draws the most eyeballs and get as much personal info as possible behind those eyeballs to sell to the highest bidders. That’s Google’s basic business model and it’s really surprising that so many people don’t see it. People say, “Oh, I love Google. Everything is free from them.”

    Free? Certainly, they’re not free from the advertisers or all those who want access to your most private personal information so they can serve you the most relevant ads. The screen real estate on mobile devices is already limited as it is. Why would anyone want ads taking up that space? I’d much prefer to pay a dollar or two for an app that doesn’t have the ads. Google’s only chance at monetizing Android is selling ads on mobile devices and people generally don’t want to be bombarded with them.

    Google ultimately wants to become that live billboard on the street that scans your eyeballs and know instantly who you are to serve up personalized ads based on all the information they have about you. For me, this scene on ‘Minority Report’ starring Tom Cruise was the most memorable and creepy thing that foreshadows some of the things we’ll have to deal and live with in the future. Google’s very survival depends on taking your info and selling that to the advertisers. That’s how Google makes its money.

    I, for one, am completely Google-free – well, except for the Maps app on the iPhone and iPad but that will be replaced soon. I used to use Gmail, a little bit of Google Docs at work, and a bit of other their services but came to realize they were a mess to deal with. A few years ago, I became rather disturbed and spooked when I used Gmail through a browser to correspond with a friend in Korea and all these Korean ads started popping up based on the subjects that we were talking about.

    What I can confidently say is that being totally Google-free has not at all diminished the Internet experience. In fact, I feel freer and enjoy the experience a lot more sine I don’t have to look over my shoulder about what kind of info Google is trying to cull out of my usage of their services. I use Yahoo! and Bing for search most of the time (along with Siri) and will follow up with a Google search if I want to be absolutely thorough about a particular subject. Normally, I find that there was no need to use Google search at all.

    I find the whole foundation of what Google stands for and its business model very unappealing. Ultimately, all they want to do is sell ads. All their gee-whiz technology, algorithms, and innovations are used to bombard the people with ads in every corner of the world. Their very survival depends on it. Well, I certainly have no interest in being part of their stat that they sell. And, no, I don’t want to be a part of the “downtown” chaos either that is the world of Android. The walled garden (or more like a gated community in the suburbs) approach of Apple is just fine with me. I don’t have time for filtering out all the riff-raff.

  7. what might be possible now is for Apple to aggregate and repackage seamlessly search results from multiple search providers – Google, Yahoo/Bing, and others you choose – in a single unified Search app (via both voice and text). with their ads stripped out of course!

    now that would be disruptive, and real payback.

          1. I have consulted with my lawyers and we decided the Mac Daddy’s version sucks and I am coming out with much more improved version. But’s it’s just like a Mac Daddy

  8. Apple should take Gooles search technique and se their own search, then offer ads free, putting the Gogge Scheister Mafia out of business. Like what these assholes did with Andread.

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