Obama’s iPad UDID was among those leaked by AntiSec

PasteHTML claims that Obama’s UDID is 473d6e1ebf0b100ed172- ce5f69c97ba6c8f12ad5 and it’s among the those leaked by AntiSec,” Buster Heine reports for Cult of Mac.

“If it’s true, then Obama named his iPad ‘hobamain’ which might be a mash-up of his middle name, ‘Hussein’ with his last name,” Heine posits.

“Is it really him?” Heine wonders. “We’re not sure, but we wouldn’t doubt that the FBI was tracking his UDID.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]

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    1. Anyone wielding ‘You didn’t build that’ as a plastic sword has never bothered to check the context of the phrase. Bad for you. Great for me:

      I love those little litmus tests for stupidity god hands us. Thank you god.

    2. Really?? An attempt to use the only truly bipartisan effort (SPYING ON INNOCENT CITIZENS) as an attack on one side or the other?!
      Wake up, people! The major party you so blindly support (BOTH of them) doesn’t care about you at all and is hopelessly corrupt.

  1. AntiSec’s claim that the FBI has 12 million Apple device IDs is being covered by many news outlets today, but this is the first time I know that anyone managed to make the story about Obama in some way.

    Wait a minute…oh yeah, right: Hit bait. Well done!

    1. Dear Mike,

      “Respect”, that shipped sailed long ago, for example, WH Press Corp rose to their feet when the President Obama entered the room but sat on their hands when President Bush entered. Bias anyone? Seeing any respect there Mikey?!

  2. I am an old man, a registered Republican since first registering. The hate and destructive attitude in the party, mostly from the rabid teabaggers is not only destroying the party, it is going to destroy the country. We are all in this together, if our leaders have no support we are doomed. This forum for Apple news has turned into a bunch of juvenile political rants that change no minds and lead to no useful information. Please take the hate somewhere it is wanted.

    1. No love the the Tea Party? Only hate? Perhaps you may like to take the venom else where and look up Hypocrite while you are at it.. Also choose a left wing nut group that is destroying our country as well and balance your anger.

      1. CupertinoJoe was commenting on his experience and viewpoint as a lifelong Republican. Just because you don’t like or agree with him does not mean that he is wrong or spouting “venom.” Way to go overboard with your criticism.

        Other people can (and routinely do) criticize the left in this forum. Why should CupertinoJoe have to somehow “balance” his anger when you and others like you do no such thing? Perhaps you should review the definition of hypocrite.

  3. I don’t get it… why is there only ever two parties? You can’t lose. You’re either the official party in charge or the official party in opposition. Has there ever been a strong third party in the USA? If there was it would certainly get people to stop being so religious with their obsessions with donkeys and elephants.

    1. The founders of this country did not favor political parties, likely because they had the foresight to understand the terrible mess that would develop as a result. In its early years, the U.S. had greater variety in its political structure, but it gradually evolved to a two-party system. Perhaps that is a reflection of the binary nature of humanity – true/false, right/wrong?

      Other countries have multiple parties. I believe that the U.S. would benefit from a third or even fourth party to break up the diametric, unyielding opposition of the existing parties and introduce new ideas and a willingness to debate the issues and compromise.

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