Analyst: Expect 8 new Apple products by year end

“Apple is gearing up for a monster holiday season with a total of 8 new products reportedly set to go on sale, including a new iPhone, a smaller iPad, new iPods and updated Macs,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities indicated on Friday that Apple’s new product launch schedule for the fourth quarter of 2012 will be jam-packed with new devices,” Hughes reports. “Chief among them is the so-called ‘iPhone 5,’ which Apple is expected to unveil at a media event on Sept. 12.”

Hughes reports, “According to Kuo, September is also likely to see the unveiling of a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, a new iPod touch, and a new 21.5-inch iMac. Then, in October, reports have indicated that Apple is planning to hold a second media event at which it will unveil a smaller iPad with a 7.85-inch display. Joining the so-called ‘iPad mini’ in October, according to Kuo, will be a new iPod nano, a ‘modified new iPad,’ and a new 27-inch iMac.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Not good… too much too fast! They will cause themselves a lot of grief if they flood the market and then hold for 12 months. MSFT is a real concern and they have Apple in sights hence apple cannot sit still for any length of time. As for the shock and awe goes, unless it is a cure for Cancer then… or maybe a Mac Mini that doubles as a toaster. 🙂

      1. So Pat … you start off your comment with a conclusion (“Not good”) backed up with a big IF that nobody but you has suggested (“if they flood the market and then hold for 12 months”).

        Then you issue a warning (“Microsoft is a “real concern”) which runs counter to what everybody knows — namely, that Apple dominates mobile computing and Microsoft is still taking baby steps.

        Finally, you throw in exaggeration — on a random, meaningless scale — to conclude your remarks, just in case your other bullshit didn’t persuade everyone that issuing a lot of great products in the months leading up to Christmas is a bad idea:  Apple can’t awe consumers and investors unless it can cure Cancer or produce a computer that toasts bread.

        If you are not a troll, then you are one disturbed individual. If you are a troll, then you’re an ass.

    1. Wait… the Mac Mini that doubles as a toaster and the Thunderbolt display that double as a dishwasher should be out by then as well!

      The economy is as soft as a slipper full of dog doodoo hence not sure anyone will be celebrating any record sales this year. Credit Cards are all used up 23 million people are not working these days. Not happening.

      1. Yeah, economy not so great, Pat. Fortunately, I invested in Apple and it’s stock IS doing great. Sell one share, boom unlocked iPhone. Sell four shares, boom, new 27″ iMac! And enough shares to pay off all my past computer expenditures as well as future needs!

  1. You should have better worded it too: 8 upgraded products.
    I can see apple failing to impress this year, and me making a person change of phone away from apple…

    You failed to mention any new products?
    Mini iPad if it indeed appears is a smaller version of a current product, hardly innovation, updated iPods, macs etc
    Personally sick of this run of updating products and publicising them as something new, they are updates wow.
    Don’t get me wrong I love apple to the core but their next event better bring the goods.

    1. Agree. This is starting to get old as all the new iPhone and iPad mini are devices that are simply catching up to Android hence Android just needs to push a few new toys out the door and they will keep on keeping on with their trek to overwhelm the market.

      Some folks love to pooh pooh on MSFT, but they too are going to push out some pretty cool toys to their 1.9 billion Windows users hence Apple need to get her done quicker faster and hope that they can actually introduce new innovations!

      Silliness all these upgrades which most users do not even need.

    2. “…but their next event better bring the goods.”

      Or what? You’ll buy a Dell? You’ll buy an iPhone wannabe? You’ll hold your breath? Even Apple can’t transform another worldwide business sector EVERY year. Sooo sorry you’re not impressed enough. See ya, petulant whiny guy.

        1. John is not Pat and frankly iSheeps like you are so ignorant that you would suggest this and your comment about Korean English speaks your apparent lack on an education. Get off the porno sites and learn something.

    3. How about Apple’s new iTransporter or iWarpdrive or iFusion generator? Will those do, you spoiled rotten consumer you? You really don’t even know what the hell you want as you post no samples of products not now on the market that you could introduce as “new.”. Oh I forgot the iReplicator. The reality is it seems separate consumer devices are inexorably being rolled into one resulting in upgraded tech more than new. Deal with it.

  2. This is just a ploy to give Microsoft impetus into rush releasing even more failed hardware products.

    Ballmer will charge them out of the gate half-finished only to then die an ignoble death like Kin, Zune and VaporMg. He’s aiming to get Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) down to around one week.

  3. I’ve had expectations since Spring 2012. This report doesn’t tell me anything me or several million people haven’t already discussed in the way of rumor, speculation, and wishful thinking for months.

  4. Then, just in time for the Christmas holidays, Apple will introduce its very first supercar! And be on the lookout next spring for the world’s first self-launching, sub-orbital space cruiser, designed and powered by Apple.

      Then, HDC is expected to release 8 new products in Summer 2013. Check this out! HDC is now ripping off SAMSUNG!

      KIRF Galaxy S III: designed for cheapskates, inspired by Samsung

      To quote:
      “Depending on your location (or carrier of choice) Samsung’s Galaxy S III is now ready to take your money. If your assets aren’t liquid enough to afford Samsung’s flagship on contract, you might be at least tempted by the fakery of the HDC Galaxy S3. The familiar-looking slab packs a 4.7-inch TFT screen, alongside a humble 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a 5-megapixel camera. According to GizmoChina, the phone will set shady cash registers ringing at around $200 — a snip compared to the off-contract price of the official iteration.”

      Take that ShameDung LEACHES! HAHAHAHA!

  5. 1. Samsung and all tablets killer
    2. Google – Motorola – Android – Maps – Search … killer
    3. Microsoft – Nokia killer
    4. Amazon – Kindle killer
    6. Adobe killer
    7. HTC e all smartphones killer
    8. Dell and all ultrabooks killer
    One more thing…. old TV killer

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if these “new” products included a SuperDrive with other than a dinky and breakable USB 2 cable (a old complaint to which Apple has turned a deaf ear) or an “update” to iWork ’09, which is now become “long in the tooth.” In other words, it would be great to see Apple focus some of its enormous cash on products other than the annual iPhone, latest iPad, or constantly updated, so as to outdate, Mac computer line.

  7. Personally, I want products that “do something”, not “can do something.”

    From 1980 to 2000, we were sold on MHz, the faster the better. And intel did the best job selling that idea. In 2000, we came to realize that RISC architectures really were better (I feel absolutely no sympathy for IBM)

    From 2000 to 2005 people were searching for “what to do” with these new CMPE architectures.

    I saw it, and you did to, “first came Apple, then Android”

    Can the father of invention now be the student again?

    Does android do more than iOS? Can Android do more than iOS?

    What we don’t need is a bunch of folks saying, “look what I CAN do with my Android? Talking over the “this is what I DO with my android.”

    Whether these are 8 radically new products or 8 upgrades, it doesn’t matter as long as apple continues to deliver a better overall experience.

    And remember, as is obvious based on recent advertising campaigns, apple is still targeting new users. (new to technology and new to Apple)

    I think apple has it right: Simplicity, Form, Functiom (in that order)

    If you think it is wrong of apple to prohibit or limit what you can do on their devices, then you obviously have a phylisophical problem with that that no one can change. I can jailbreak my iOS device and do anythng I want with it. I don’t because I don’t need to.

    If you think Samsung is not copying (or has a right to copy) then go use their device. (or just point at the screen and say this is what I could do, and grin). If you think you will like the knew windows 8 UI, then I say go for it. The touch interface is really nice. And it is definitely not an iPAD experience.

    I still think the “choices” made available to the user by the Android and Windows UI’s present an overly complicated solution to a simple problem “what to you want to do?”

    Why did I tell mom to get an iPad not a Android tablet? Because of the things she does and the overall experience for her. Not what is possible.

    Don’t start trolling for a way to interject “then iOS is for dummies” and Android is for techies into this comment.

    On the contrary, understanding how iPad works, and jailbreaking or not to get it to do what you want is the real challenge. I would be much more impressed with someone who presented to me a project: “look what I got my iPad to do” instead of: “look what I got my android to do”

    I say, keep the tweaks and improvements coming. They are indeed “new products” and, we hope they are indeed new to the new users that are using them.

    1. what will your new Mac Pro have? Until you can do a dual i5/i7 config, it won’t happen. It makes no sense.. You don’t need thunderbolt as you have 4 internal bays..

      Only until intel gets the Haswell architecture out (multi i-series processor capabilities), will the Mac Pro get updated with thunderbolt. It’s not a deaf ear thing. It’s a technology capability limitation that won’t be capable until late 2013….

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