Samsung continues to challenge ‘Made for iPhone’ trademark

“On May 5, 2010 Apple filed for a logo titled ‘Made for iPhone’ which contained a small image of an iPhone graphic along with the verbiage ‘Made for iPhone,'” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Little did we know that shortly after Apple’s filing, Samsung and Acer formally filed an application of opposition to the Canadian IP Office,” Purcher reports. “According to an updated document found in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Samsung and Acer initially filed their official opposition to the iPhone logo October 2011. Part 2 of that document clearly shows that the Canadian IP Office granted an extension of time to both Samsung and Acer to formally make their case earlier this month.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s assholery knows no bounds.


  1. They really are the shit of the earth.

    I worked in a marketing agency called Digitas for 2 years on this account and they never had a clue. Seriously, one of the worst, most clueless clients in the world and their AoR (agency of record) for print and TV was a shithouse that gave them garbage advertising with no ideas. “show sexy 20-somethings…” Done!

    The company is run by engineers that do not think for themselves, which is funny, because all these shit-headed 20-somethings think that Samsung is just a cool company being repressed by Apple.

  2. Setting aside *why* would do this (because I’m befuddled): I don’t understand the grounds on which they are complaining. Or put another way, what official reason could they possibly give for objecting to the trademark?

    1. My guess is because the trademark looks like Samsung’s stolen iPhone ripoff. As the wheels of legal systems turn at a snail’s pace, Samsung is probably complaining it looks like their ripoff. The irony, huh?

      Fuck Samsung. No, not “FSCK Samsung”. Fuck Samsung.

  3. An outline of the iPhone, with the words “Made for iPhone” next to it. Of course Samsung would be upset. They wanted to use the same drawing with “Made for Android iPhones”.
    I can see why they are upset. Beat at their own game I tell ya. Beat at their own game.

    1. The complaint hasn’t formally been made yet. The deadline, supposedly the last one, is sometime this fall says the report. Now that Apple won their desiign win against Samsung, they really don’t have a case.

  4. I am waiting for Apple to remove all is business ftom Samsung. We all know they will. I would not be surprised if Apple opened a processor fab plant in the US to make its own processors: easier to keep your IP out of the hands of Asian copiers…

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