Samsung vows to fight Apple’s attempt to ban infringing smartphones in U.S. with ‘all necessary measures’

“Samsung Electronics said Tuesday it would fight Apple Inc.’s attempt to ban the sale of some of its smartphones in the U.S. with ‘all necessary measures,'” Evan Ramstad reports for The Wall Street Journal. “After winning a jury verdict for patent infringement against Samsung in a U.S. court last week, Apple on Monday asked the presiding judge for a permanent injunction against the eight phones that accounted for most Samsung’s U.S. smartphone revenue in the first six months of the year. Apple told Judge Lucy Koh that it reserves the right to pursue permanent injunctions banning the sale of all 28 devices that the jury on Friday found to violate Apple’s intellectual property. Judge Koh will rule on the request on Sept. 20.”

“Samsung responded in South Korea on Tuesday with a one sentence press statement. ‘We will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the U.S. market,’ it said,” Ramstad reports. “Samsung spokesman said the company’s options included filing to stop the injunction, appealing if the judge grants it and modifying products. Samsung officials have already begun to talk to wireless carriers about removing or modifying infringing features to keep products on the market if the injunctions are granted, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

Ramstad reports, “Peter Toren, a patent attorney with Weisbrod Matteis & Copley PLLC in Washington, said Judge Koh is likely to grant Apple’s latest request, given that she already issued one preliminary injunction against the tablet-style computer Galaxy Tab 10.1 before the trial began.”

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  1. Take you medicine like the thieving slavish copier you are who try’s playing the disingenuous sympathy card to no avail. We all know what you are trying to do playing the victim when you are the crimjal perpetrator. YOU FOOL NO ONE.

  2. Sept. 20th, Judge Koh will grant Apple injunctions and treble damages. Apple will in turn whip out the other 12 patents it withdrew and sue Samsung again targeting their tablets and the Galaxy SIII. Apple will release the IPad Mini then sue Google for the Nexus 7 and Amazon software patent infringement. Google is toast and IOS 6 with IMaps will put the nail in the coffin.

      1. All in a day’s Apple work… Much as I enjoy Apple getting revenge in court I hope the result of this recent verdict will be enough to instill the “Big Chill” in competitors who don’t innovate and design sufficiently from Apple’s take. (That is after Google gets it’s share of lumps of Apple coal.) What a lot of people don’t realize is that innovation needs to be a bit of give and take in the inspiration dept. like American blues and rock ‘n roll was in the 50’s and 60’s to the British which then gave us back the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.. If other companies truly innovate then Apple is likewise to innovate further, maybe at a greater pace than otherwise than if they were simply copied. One great idea can lead to another great, though un-infringing, idea. And so on…

    1. +1. While modifying the parts found to infringe seems logical I don’t think they have this in them. I wonder what they were thinking when they released this. Probably trying to buy time (through appeals) so they can sell remaining stock before they are banned from the selling phones in the USA.

  3. On the 20th: injunction
    On the 21st: the new iPhone
    On the 22nd (of October) the Galaxy S 4 (looks identical to the new iPhone but offered BOGOF
    On the 25th (of October) Apple files suit over Galaxy S 4
    Throughout 2013 Apple loses market share to Samsung’s G S 4, G S 5, and G S 6 while court battles await.

    1. @ Jim – Fundamentally iPhone lovers are adverse to Android phones like the Samsung so I’m not sure why you leap to this conclusion. A huge screen and ham-fisted phone is not an attractive proposition. (The iPad Mini should change that dubious desirability.) This whole size thing is a short term “advantage” if you want to call it that. The whole point of a cell phone is in it’s portability and small portability size. And that’s a desirable design FEATURE, not a disadvantage. I hope the iPhone gets no bigger than a 4″ screen. I don’t want to cart around a surfboard in my pocket.

  4. Of that brief statement from Samsung, only ‘modifying products’ is the correct response. That’s all that Apple really wanted. Once they remove the infringing elements from their smartphones, Apple will leave them alone. The question, then, becomes, whether Samsung understood the lesson they were ‘taught.

  5. Yes Shamsuck is the epitome of the unrepentant loser and perp. This company has zero class and know they are guilty as hell as they attempt to redirect the conversation away from their criminal behavior. Still on my list of “no fly zone” companies I do business with, pretty much permanently.

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