Apple lists which Samsung products it will seek to ban from U.S. sale

“With the trial stage just completed last Friday, Apple wasted no time filing a notice with the court identifying which Samsung products it will now seek to have banned in the U.S.,” Matt Macari reports for The Verge.

“Despite having received a finding of infringement from the jury on most of the 28 products in play in the case, it looks like Apple is only going after an injunction on eight of them — all smartphones,” Macari reports. “That’s not terribly surprising given the fact that many of the products in the case are no longer available in the US.”

Macari reports, “The eight Samsung devices are: Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2 (AT&T), Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket), Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile), Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge, [and] Galaxy Prevail.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. with the exception of loss of goodwill arising from being found guilty of patent infringement in the court of public opinion

      Which happened to translate into a $12 billion drop in Samsung’s stock value on Monday. I’d say that’s a ‘financial impact’. Samsung are going into shock. The entire industry is figuring out that ripping off IP equals self-destructive.

      IOW: Everything happening to Samsung right now is entirely SELF-INFLICTED. Don’t blame Apple. Blame the dumbasses at Samsung who shot themselves in the head. Oops.

      And be glad that IP is protected in the USA. That translates into INCENTIVE to be actually/factually INNOVATIVE. Everyone benefits from creativity and invention.

  1. That’s not much of a loss for Android. There must be at least 200 models of Android smartphones on the market, so I don’t think consumers are going to suffer over a shortage of Android smartphones. So, the Android fanbois are making a big stink over this. Samsung should be happy things didn’t turn out worse.

  2. The precedents set in this case are more valuable than the $1billion award. Any current phone from any manufacturer touching any of the patents upheld in this trial are DPW (Dead Phones Walking).

  3. Apple also gains mindshare.Apple MUST follow through with this. It creates the perception that Samsung are copiers and reinforces that Apple products are the genuine article.

    This will also mean a degree of FUD will encircle new Samsung phones.

  4. Waste of time and energy. The Note (Phone and tablet) and the Galaxy S3 would need to be pulled for Samsung to feel this.

    Dollars to donuts Samsung already has 2 to 3 new devices just waiting in the wings to counter the new iPhone.

  5. Apple thinks that they won huge. remember, it’s only US rule that they took advantage of it. actually, jury system is piece of crap. how could they possibly to bring no experts to judge this serious matter? don’t open the bottle yet. there are several cases going on other countries. you should know this also. Samsung, LG is the biggest supplier for manufacture parts. that’s why apple ipod, iphone, even ipad could catch up with high demand. do you think that Toshiba, Sharp could do this? I don’t think so. if all subcontract will cut from two companies, Apple will never distribute huge amount of products. people will complain. then they will try to negotiate again. but no. it will be too late. Apple will slowly be perish because of their greedy. they will never survive their own way. monopoly is the sign that company will tear a part. I hope that Apple will be vanish in the planet. creation, innovation? my ass.

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