Alleged Apple ‘iPad mini’ cases show rear camera, mystery hole

“A handful of third-party cases from overseas allegedly designed to fit Apple’s rumored ‘iPad mini’ feature space on the back for a rear-facing camera, as well as a mysterious tiny hole at the center,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The protective cases were discovered and highlighted on Friday by, and show space for a camera at the top left of the device,” Hughes reports. “That suggests that like all other portable iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPod touch, the smaller iPad will feature a rear-facing camera.”

Hughes reports, “Also shown on the cases is a small, centered hole atop the back. That’s consistent with leaked parts claimed to be from Apple’s next iPhone which also show a new mystery hole on the back of the device, located between the camera lens and LED flash. It has been speculated that the space on the new iPhone could be for a new rear-facing microphone…”

Read more and see the photos in the full article here.


    1. The iPod touch has a rear facing microphone hole. It is so small that it packs with crud and the mic stops working until the hole is cleaned out with highly compressed air.

  1. Samsung copy test
    Umbilical cord
    Nuclear fuel rod
    Air hole for magic fairies
    Siri cerebral accessory
    Glory hole
    Liquid Metal injection point
    Laser/Maser pointer or receiver
    Mini Thunderbolt port
    Microsoft kick stand support

    1. And/or a photo-flash. I don’t think a mic would warrant a hole in the case. Suggesting they’re serious about this device being used to take photos (or project) unlike on the std iPad which is ridiculous as a camera.

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