Jury finds Samsung willfully violated Apple patents

“The jury has reached a verdict in the landmark trial between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. over which company invented signature features of their popular smartphones and tablets, or whether they copied each other’s innovations,” Jessica E. Vascellaro reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The California jury found that Samsung smartphones and devices infringed on at least three Apple patents, including patents relating to touch-screen screen features such as multitouch gestures and zooming,” Vascellaro reports. “The jury also found that Samsung infringed on an Apple design patent. The verdict, which includes patent claims by Samsung against Apple, was still being read in court.”

Vascellaro reports, “The jury informed Judge Lucy Koh Friday afternoon that it had reached a verdict after about 22 hours of deliberation spanning three days—a quick decision for such a complex case.”

MacDailyNews Take: Blatantly obvious infringement helps seepd things along, dontcha know.

Vascellaro reports, “The verdict ends a nearly month-long trial that pitted two of the world’s largest and most recognizable companies—and their high-priced legal teams. While the ruling won’t affect any of the companies’ latest products, it could shape how smartphones and tablets are designed and the fortunes of companies that make them.”

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Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD, “In at least some cases, the infringement was found to be willful, which could lead the judge to raise the amount of damages awarded to Apple.”

“It wasn’t a clean sweep as the seven man, two woman jury did find in Samsung’s favor on some patents as to a handful of the 20-something phones and tablets that Apple had accused Samsung of infringing. However, the jury found in Apple’s favor on a number of Samsung’s most popular phones,” Fried reports. “The jury has yet to announce its decision on Samsung’s countersuit.”

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“The jury also awarded Apple more than $1 billion in damages,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET. “Apple had originally sought $2.75 billion in damages, and though it wasn’t unanimous on all counts, the verdict was overwhelmingly in Apple’s favor. Samsung, which asked for $421 million in its countersuit, did not receive a nickel.”

Apple’s statement: We are grateful to the jury for their service and for investing the time to listen to our story and we were thrilled to be able to finally tell it. The mountain of evidence presented during the trail showed that Samsung’s copying went far deeper than even we knew. The lawsuits between Apple and Samsung were about much more than patents or money. They were about values. At Apple, we value originality and innovation and pour our lives into making the best products on earth. We make these products to delight our customers, not for our competitors to flagrantly copy. We applaud the court for finding Samsung’s behavior willful and for sending a loud and clear message that stealing isn’t right.

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MacDailyNews Take: Boom!

Hooray for justice!

We now await Samsung’s expected appeal with bated breath, but not before a weekend of partying!


          1. It only took one football fan to cross the court.

            Makes you wonder why they never caught Nichole Brown Simpson’s murderer? OJ didn’t do it, and was covering up for someone else, but the jury let him off anyway, so now the real murderer can live the rest of “HIS” life in peace.

      1. Didn’t take a jury for us to know copying when we see it; but when it is BAD copying, it is even worse.

        Consumers are not dumb & quickly learn….example…

        An older friend this morning just noted getting a Samsung smartphone because it was “only” $49 (against my recommendation) “and it does email and web work really well”, but went on “but the voice quality it total crap & it mixed up some of my names and phone number in the address book” and I need to return it.”

        Consumers have a long memory and that customer is not likely to ever buy Samsung again.

    1. My neighbour is a business lawyer and he was very clear (he uses Apple iPhone) that this means a big nothing. Appeals right up to the Supreme Court are what we should expect.

      Meanwhile, Apple needs to get busy trying to replace Samsung and that will be a difficult trek to say the least. Not sure there are other options out there that allows Apple to carry on with its Quality Products argument without Samsung contributing but at this point there are no other options but to work with Toshiba, LG, Sharp, TI, Nvidia, ATI and others.

      I my opinion, this is not good for Apple as Samsung has a lot more partners around the world that will work with them to innovate and push Apple to the side. I am seeing an Asian/USA tech war on the horizon.

      This said, let the Appeals begin!

          1. No BS? Read it again. Nothing negative just pointing some challenges that Apple will face moving forward. Asian countries will support an Asian icon before they support an American company and this American Court ruling will set off some interesting tech wars to say the least.

            Apple’s dependency on Samsung needs to be modified and sooner than later.

            1. Nice dream! They all rely on Samsung as does Apple to make their devices work! Tear down a products from any of the companies you name and you will find a whole lot of Samsung components. I hear you, but if they could they would of done so a long time ago. Samsung has pushed Sony, LG, Sharp and several others to the brink because they can and others wish they could.

            2. And Samsung’s semiconductor and display divisions, which operate independently from the mobile division, only has a mandate to keep their factories filled and humming. They love Apple. Who else is going to give them the volume and upfront payments like Apple does? Dell? HP? Sony?

            3. Pat, Samsung Mobile represents a very small percentage of profits for Samsung’s parent company and even though they are the largest cell phone maker in the world, all that has changed.

              Samsung has only heightened the Asian propensity to lift critical design elements from others’s good works.

            4. Pat- You really have no idea what you’re talking about. Get out of Canada spend some time in Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong and you will see iPhones everywhere you go.

              But here’s the real kicker my fast-and-loose with the facts friend… Samsung (unlike MSFT) doesnt mandate what phone its employees carry, amd outside of the mobile division… there are hundreds of Samsung employees that use iPhones.

            5. Apple best have a new partner.

              The fact that Samsung, BACK STABBED Apple should have been clear enough for Apple to move on. However, Pat is correct. It’s a major deal to replace Samsung.

              I guess Apple will need to make better contracts with its partners it uses.

            6. I am with Pat here,

              1) He hasn’t made a negative comment.
              2) Asian companies will unite
              3) Apple invests 5 Billion to Samsung, the win deducts 1.5 for only 1 year… hopefully more punishment comes from this other then money in damages.

              Apple needed to defend its UI here – and they did. However the bigger picture is with Apple’s future suppliers. As I have mentioned before, Apple is still “barking up the wrong tree”, at least indirectly… the real EMEMY is in Apple’s own backyard; Google.

              Android must die or be re-written so that it paralyzed to the point, where it is obvious to the consumers, that Android is inferior to iOS.

            7. Pat go back and read the part where you describe Apple as having lost Samsung as a partner.

              When did Apple announce they were cutting business ties with Samsung? How do you explain that statement?

              In my world, Samsung and Apple agree to disagree, but desire a shared licensing experience.

      1. Pat,

        Apple has always taken down the giants because Apple thinks different.

        Second, Apple has welcomed “fair” competition and has only been ruffled by the copy-cats.

        So, while Samsung is likely to appeal and appeal some more, Apple will continue doing what they do best, working hard to innovate and charm those who buy their products.

        BTW, Apple has those partners too. Don’t know what you are trying to instigate but Samsung should really do their own thing for a change is what everyone and Apple is saying.

        1. unbelievable,

          pat makes a rather simple comment and the everyone is on his ass… what happened to freedom of opinions ????

          agree or not agree… far too many lemmings here

          1. Pat, how Asian are you? Because, I’m Chinese, and I don’t identify myself as Asian when it comes to corporate lawsuits. I don’t side with Korean companies over US companies, just because I’m Chinese. I don’t side with Japanese companies over a Western country’s companies just because I’m Chinese. That’s just ridiculous.

            1. Very much Chinese and respectful towards our American friends who’s Country we will own soon. 🙂
              Enough with the niceties. America is morally and financially bankrupt and by the way South Korea is the 3rd largest lender to the US hence the huge investments South Korean companies make in the USA. Hyundai, KIA, Samsung etc…

            2. well your money laundering fed has just printed a few trillion in counterfeit cash to tax the poor and further fund the rich, you life expectancy is below Cuba and your way done on literacy but yes, you do spend twenty times more tax on military than any other social provision and more on your war machine than the next 26 countries combined (25 of whom are allies). You are the inly nation to have used nuclear, biological and chemical weapoms on civilians and you incarcerate whistle blowers for daring to speak out about obvious war crimes. So he does have a point about your status as a ‘morally amd financially bankrupt’ nation.

            3. LMAO have you just thrown everything “bad” you could find on the Internet about America to see if anything would stick?
              You sound really desperate.

              I suppose you’d have been happy with Hitler’s domination of Europe then..

            4. So Pat, what do you suppose would happen if the US simply said, “We’re broke. We’re not paying our debts. Buzz off!”?

              Surely you aren’t crazy enough to believe that the Chinese or anyone else are going to repossess anything by force. You do understand how that would turn out, don’t you?

            5. You show a stunning ignorance. At some point, just as with Greece, the world’s money markets will realize that lending to the US is too great a risk. At that point, the cost of debt for the US (ie. the bond yields) will become so high that the US cannot afford to borrow, pay for its military and other government expenditure. Then it collapses, bringing the West down with it. Not pretty. Fortunately, all the whole the world trades for oil in Dollars, the US can keep on printing money to pay for its debts, as the currency is in worldwide demand. The day the world decided to trade oil in RMB rather than Dollars, you’re screwed. Enjoy the bubble while it lasts….

            6. What a name “Reality Check” for someone so dumb. America can afford to keep borrowing for a lot longer. It has nothing to do with Greece. Have you looked at the size of America and all its resources? You think it’s the same as Greece?

              Trade oil in RMB? Again you’re out of your mind. World governments would consider anything but that first. Give control to a country that has unilateral power over their currency? Have you seen the rare earths crisis? Not even China would want that since it would devalue their US Dollar bonds.

            7. @gkmak. Yes, I have looked at the size of America and its resources. That’s why debt is usually measured as a percentage of GDP. Admittedly Greece and some of the other bankrupt south European nations and African states are slightly worse than the US, but that’s about it. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_future_gross_government_debt).

              There’s nothing magic about the US & all empires eventually implode (ask the Greeks and Italians…). Go run up some more debt on your credit card whilst you still can.

            8. For someone named “Reality Check” you show a stunning ignorance of reality. Pat suggested that the Chinese would eventually own America, presumably by foreclosure and a forcible occupation, since Americans are likely to resist confiscation of their assets and slave labor camps.

              What would that resistance look like? I suspect the Chinese don’t want to find out.

            9. @gmak: GDP is the measure of how a country uses its resources. It’s irrelevant what resources you have if you don’t use them… Duh.

              @Zeke: I’m not here to defend Pat’s comments. I’m talking cold economics, never suggested the Chinese would need to invade the US to see its downfall. It’s fiscal policies and national hubris can achieve that without any military involvement.

            10. When it comes to putting the USA in it’s rightful place you can bet your bottom dollar on it!

              China loves the USA and the American debt till death lifestyle!

            11. And what does that have to do with South Korea again? If you actually think that China and South Korea are in bed together, you are proving that you are just a fandroid white boy from Fort Wayne Indiana. Stop it now.

            12. Oh Pat, before you just quote what you find on Wikipedia, you really should actually talk to some influential Chinese about how they currently feel about South Korea and their industry.

              If you think that just because China has backed them in the past and they are “allies” then you are simply showing your ignorance about the current situation… of course, I’m sure you have no one to talk to that is even remotely keyed in as to what the current business climate is like, as you are just a simple troll.

            13. nice KenC… lowering yourself to racial spit…
              i understand you are looking at the corporate lawsuit not in terms of race or colour… your question is HOW asian are you Pat. Low blow dude.

          2. Pat,
            Chinese and Japanese companies would love to take out Samsung, and they greatly prefer the US market to the South Korean market. Asian countries are NOT allied economically against the US–quite the contrary. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

            1. I very much know what I am talking about. America is a profit centre for Asian countries who keep America afloat by feeding them money to maintain their debt risen habits to buy buy buy.. America is owned by Asian countries and Obama has increased their claim in the US 3 fold!

          3. Pat,
            I can reasonably assume you have no clue about asia nor have never been there. The “other” asian countries have no innate love for Korea. You assumption that Asians “stick together” is both wrong and borderline racist. (they may all “look alike” and sound alike to you, but trust me here, not to each other.)

            The Chinese (nor the Japanese nor the Taiwanese) will back samesung over some race or cultural imperitive. Conversely, they would be more than happy to see them cut in half (or quartered) as evidenced by the recent “buy HTC” sentiment in Taiwan. The only country likely to back Samesung solely on cultural basis is S. Korea, and if that is all they have to depend on, they stand to loose 90% of their market (and now have severely pissed off their #1 industrial customer who is no doubt looking to change vendors at this point (as a side note I think apple is not willing to cripple it’s products just to bloody samesung’s nose, however if a similar quality semiconductor product is available from another vendor…. And that my friend, is not a position you want to be in.))

      2. All apple has to do is make the components itself that Samsung uses to provide.

        All future product touch screens are now being made by LG anyway for a start.

        The chip sets are made by apple as all apples mobile devices and soon to be ALL macs will be as well.

        I don’t think apple has anything to worry about suppliers for its devices.

        And regarding your armchair lawyer, I think he should get a job he’s actually good at.

        1. You are clearly delusional as you know nothing about Samsung. As for my neighbor not sure what your point is? All he said was that this verdict equals zero as it will be appealed right up to the Supreme Court and not sure how this opens him up to comments like yours? Lawyers are not Judges hence not unlike you they can only express an opinion. He uses Apple products and he specializes in filing Patents similar to those filed by Apple so his point is nothing more than a point of view. Patent infringement verdicts are subjective at best hence why they can easily be appealed.

        2. Apple doesn’t make chips, it designs them. Big difference. Apple does not have a one single manufacturing chip plant. Not one. Make to mistake, the only loser in this deal will be the consumer, since we will pay for what every Apple needs to patent form Samsung, and Android users will have to pay for whatever patent Samsung is using from Apple, or… where do you think the money comes from?

            1. Not really, Apple has no chip fans is true enough but that doesn’t mean that Samsung is their only option. Second, unlike Samsung, Apple is has always paid for the patents it needs. Ergo those necessary patents are already in the cost structure of Apple products.

              Why you consistantly make ignorant claims here is a mystery to me. Go spout your gibberish on some Andork blog, they’ll love you.

      3. I think you should just have beers with your neighbor.
        In my crystal ball, I see Samsung appealing ad nauseum, while reconsidering Windows 8 mobile or buying RIM, and sending a ‘new’ legal team to appeal. I see Google stockholders leaving the building. I also see fresh air for a lot of people that wasted a good summer month on this.

      4. Sure they’ll appeal, but the biggest immediate effect of this win is that Apple will be able to get injunctions to exclude the infringing devices from being sold in the US.


        1. 1

          In fact, Samsung has far more to lose by being barred from selling their phones during the appeals process then just biting the bullet and trying to reach some kind of settlement with Apple in the meantime.

          Whether Apple wants to settle… well, that’s another question.

        1. The iPad is made in the US.

          There is some low level assembly that takes place in various parts of Asia by Foxconn, and Samsung and other suppliers make certain component parts.

          The critical part happens here. The design phase with the high paid engineers, software and hardware, the designers, along with software architecture APIs, cloud computing components.

          Everything of real value is created in the US.

      1. Exactly. It is really hard showing restraint when AAPL is making me so much money… I’ve been (back) on board since 1997, and AAPL is making me a very happy (if slightly arrogant) person. My retirement has been sowed up for years. Now I get to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. Sorry Pat.

    2. Just bought a new house and nothing Samsung goes in it!
      Just bought 3 Flat screens 42″,42″, and 55″ and a washer and a dryer that likely would have been Samsung if they had not turned out to be such scumbags. it cost them $4500 dollars so far.

    3. Happy with the news yet still I wish Apple was granted the 2.75 Million win.

      Plus, all out world wide ban on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and Tablets. Including all orders of Googles Nexus from Samsung. A ban until Google restricts the alteration of its freely distributed Android by other manufactures with a none-cloning agreement. Also to stripe out of Multi-Touch functionality, Bounce end of list, the Translucent Quicktime over lay controls etc… and more.

      1. In an interview, the jury foreman explained the basis for the 1 billion judgement was based on Samsung’s “12%” profit margin, not the 30 to 35% margin estimated by Apple. First, it seems inconsistent to believe Samsung on this point given its dishonesty of massive proportion. Second, 12% seems unreasonably low from a general business perspective and given (a) Samsung’s vertical integration and (b) reference to tear-down cost estimates made by people like iSuppli for various similar devices. (If Samsung does only show 12% margin in the USA, the remainder is offshore – but still represents ill-gotten gains which they should pay back to Apple.) The jury may have had good technical, logical, and engineering skills — and I applaud their work — but their business sense regarding profit margins may be weak. Nevertheless, margins can be fairly objectively estimated and perhaps the issue can be revisited. Samsung was found to infringe. (The judge can also triple damages, but first the damages should be correctly identified.) Samsung should disgorge all I’ll-gotten profits. And they are welcome to increase consumer choice in the world by developing their own stuff.

    1. 1… 0…. And nope. The Samsung trolls have done what all trolls do when they’ve lost: run away with their tails between their legs.

      We won’t be seeing any more rabid, drooling, diaper wearing fan boy rants from them for awhile. At least not until Samsung appeals.


    Yeah, yeah, yeah, there will be an appeal, but only if there is a judicial error. If there is such an error, I am sure the decision will be same as it is obvious Samsung copied Apple with their products.

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