Apple seeds devs with first OS X 10.8.2 beta with Facebook integration

“On the heels of the public release of OS X 10.8.1, Apple has provided select developers with a beta release of the next update to Mountain Lion, OS X 10.8.2,” AppleInsider reports.

“Apple first began soliciting developers on Wednesday, inviting them to be among the first participate in the beta for OS X 10.8.2,” AppleInsider reports. “Those who accepted the invitation began gaining access to the pre-release beta on Thursday.”

AppleInsider reports, “The first build of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 is known as Build 12C31a, those familiar with the software indicated. The combo update is available as a 642-megabyte download direct from Apple’s developer website.”

More information in the full article here.

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  1. I am so burned out on the intrusion of facebook into every thing. Companies who want me to like them on FB. Websites using FB for comments. Games now giving in game items for a FB like. Now my OS of choice thinks FB should be part of my desktop. God save us from FB everywhere.

  2. I don’t understand the obsession with Facebook integration. Why can’t Apple just get Facebook to release an app in the Mac App Store? I bet I know the answer to that one. Facebook engineers can’t code for crap.

    Apple would be wiser to spend its time developing and expanding the capabilities of iCloud which is used by a greater majority of people than Facebook, by for example offering Gallery as an addition to Photostream. Or allowing iCloud to have a file management system so you can upload files to it like you can Dropbox.

    1. correct, your Right Nut agrees!

      wtf cares @ FB?!

      FB will not exist within 5 years.
      it’s total hot air.
      no substance.
      built not on intelligent vision or strength but a neurotic asocial need.

      get rid of this lifesucking superficial crap.

  3. Facebook blows. I don’t give a shit where your wife shops or how many dicks she sucks or what restaurant stole your money. Stay away from Facebook, it’s is pure crap. The CEO is a douchebag as well.

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