Now slavish copycat Samsung attempts to knockoff Apple’s retail stores (with video)

“It’s a flagship consumer electronics store on Sydney’s George Street with smiling blue shirt-wearing sales staff, a minimalist design and smartphones and tablets that invite customers to pick up and play,” Asher Moses reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“But according to Samsung, the new store – just a block from Apple’s Sydney store – was all its own idea,” Moses reports. “The company, renowned as a “fast follower” of the market leader, is doing little to dispel the notion that it is an Apple copycat.”

Moses reports, “The store at 450 George Street opened at 8am today when Samsung also began selling its new tablet computer, the Galaxy Note 10.1. The 16GB WiFi version – which has a stylus for writing/drawing and can run dual apps in split screen mode – is priced at $589.”

MacDailyNews Note: Here are a couple of reviews:
• Engadget reviews Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Cheap, inferior, ultimately disposable feel – August 15, 2012
• The Verge reviews Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: A disappointing Android tablet – August 15, 2012

Moses reports, “Everything from the store layout to the sales staff to the products and even the packaging and promotional material is uncannily Apple-esque… Samsung Australia’s vice-president of telecommunications, Tyler McGee, said Apple ‘didn’t even come into the equation when we were looking for a location [for the store].’ But come on, the layout of the store is pretty similar, right? ‘Well, if you look at our layout this is the layout that we use around the world and it’s about basically giving the consumers the opportunity to interact, learn and play with our devices,’ McGee said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, they copied Apple Store NorthPark.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “MizuInOz,” “chris,” “Murray68,” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Leading competitor, except for the fact that they give one phone away for free when you buy one. So they don’t sell 10 million phones, they sell 5 million and give away 5 million. There’s a big difference with selling and giving away. Apple doesn’t give away phones so all of there sales are truly sales and not half give aways like copycat Samsung.

    1. Not quite. The “Buy one get one free” promo is not done by Samsung (nor by RIM, Nokia, LG, HTC or other makers). These are done by carriers, who foot the bill for them, while handset makers get normal wholesale price for the devices.

      More importantly, BOGO offers are totally bogus. A high-end Android phone costs about $550. When they offer “buy one for $200, get one free”, this essentially means $200 off on the price of $1,100 — not even a 20% discount on the full retail price. Both phones must be activated on 2-year plans, so both of them will collect the average $350 subsidy that standard smartphone plans contain.

      So, no; Samsung is NOT giving away any phones. They’re getting whatever wholesale price they agreed to with the carriers.

      1. (Computer synthesized voice) “Error … Error …” but the will of Landru says we must be right about the wrong of Samsung, but if we’re wrong about the wrong of Samsung … then we have made a mistake … and mistakes are not allowed … we therefore must be destroyed to keep clean the body of (Apple) Landru.

      1. But this is Apple troll site. You have be an Apple to cross the bridge here. If Samsung made an airplane and released it … it would be something like an Apple corporate airplane. Oh the gall of Samsung to make an airplane just like Apples.

        If the only tool you have is an Apple then everything starts looking like an Apple copy.

        1. Sorry, “Alan,” but your syntactical errors and halting prose sound suspiciously Korean/Asian to me. Go back to your Slamdung sites and apologize for your tech-plagiarism there, OK?

  2. This is a joke, right? like the Connan O’brian parody video? they can’t serious, it is exactly as an Apple store.
    Really, if the jury can’t find that sansung copied everything from apple, there is something very wrong with their heads.

    1. consider that the jury went thru our WONDERFUL education system where ‘no child is left behind”, so we all get to deal with idiots running around like roaches in society … and they vote… and they are on juries… YEA!

  3. Tyler McGee, is really excited to launch tomorrow the Slamdung Store… our layout this is the layout that we use around the world – but – basically we are just opening it TOMORROW. Huh?

    Love how he screws-up on the Galaxy S III – and uhmmm ahhh we had greeeeeat uhmmmm response from Australian consumers – cough – hack — i know my companies products well…


  4. Looking forward to hearing Tim Cook introduce the Apple refrigerator! Totally integrated into the Passport app and your calendar so your meal planning and grocery shopping are finally all together. Next up: iCupboard with NFC-based shelves with integrated scales.

    Long AAPL!

  5. Oh Jeeves … now they can’t even open a Retail Store. Is Apple going to sue every retail store for having a retail store? Radio Shack Tandy has retail stores.

    Apple took a shite once. Is Samsung not able to take a shite?

    They can’t open a grocery store … apples are um like a grocery item.

    1. Are you an idiot?

      No one is complaining that they opened a store… It’s that it looks like you’re walking into an Apple Store, even the sales clerks are wearing the same clothes and lanyards for christ’s sake.

      1. Are you asking me if I’m an idiot? Or you already have an opinion in that little brain of yours? Lanyards have been worn for years by all kinds of store and trade show persons. Cintas I think it is in the US make work clothing that can look alike for different businesses except for the trade mark embroidery or such differences. I think the Apple locked-in crowd has “copy” on the brain. There are other articles on here saying how cheaply made … definitely not Apple quality the Galaxy Note 10.1 is. So that’s not copying if it’s not the same quality … flash … and panache. (sp?)

        And at the time I’m thinking,
        “This feels like Randall Raines.”
        Now, it didn’t have
        your panache, your flash,
        but it just felt like Randall Raines.
        And now here you are.

        * Now here Samsung is …

        1. No one would ask you if you’re an idiot.

          They might say that lobotomy didn’t change you one bit.

          They might ask you if you had fun riding the short bus.

          But they never would have to ask you if you were an idiot.

        2. no need to ask if you are an idiot… you opened your mouth & proved to everyone that you are an idiot… thank you, im sure a lot of people enjoyed the laugh you gave them.

          1. Actually I score at genius level on IQ tests … I leap Apple Fan Boys in a single bound. And I don’t sit around crying because Samsung opened a damn retail store in Australia. If this kind of person (crying about Samsung) is not an idiot and I am idiot. I’d rather be an idiot.

            I don’t mind Apple products. I own 2 handheld devices from Apple. I think they are overpriced on their laptops and desktops … but hey if you want to pay extra to get locked into things – fine with me. And you do get locked in. Either by what hardware you can use … or what “apps” (on portable devices) you can use.

            I don’t think Apple has a patent or copyright on their stores layout or employee dress … but if they do – they could have another wasteful trial about that. But aside from that – all this crying over a Samsung Store in Australia is about pointless!

            1. Overpriced on their laptops and desktops, locked in? It’s patently clear you know zero minus ten about Apple products. I’ll bet all you own are a couple of iPod Shuffles.
              I have an eight year old PowerBook that still functions perfectly, and if put down on a table in an Apple Store would have someone try to buy it, because it’s in perfect condition.
              At work we still have two Mac desktop Towers, one a Bondi Blue from 1999, that works, although has been retired, and a Graphite G4 from around 2004 that’s used for email serving and an archive of all the Quark files from a previous firm.
              Just recently the business scrapped over a dozen Windows machines, none older than about three years.
              Quality rules over cheap, flimsy crap every time, something I’m afraid you’re congenitally incapable of realising.

            2. Oh, so you think you’re the only smart one around?

              This is merely YA example of “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…etc”.

              Here’s what’s really going on:


              …and the problem is that for Mankind, the rulebook of nature gets changed due to IP laws … well, not changed per se, but merely delayed (for the duration of the Patent).

              Such behavior by likes of Samsung simply illustrates that they aren’t willing to wait the ~14 years to play by the rules established by Society’s laws…and unfortunately, all of the “Non-Genius” masses are naively shortsighted enough to reward the lesser-risk-taking-cloner to save a mere buck or two.


          1. How pathetic your life must be to put it upon yourself to visit a fan site and shake your finger at fans. It’s one thing to visit a site if you appreciate what’s being discussed; but to do it out of spite and an inflated sense of self is just kinda sad.

            Now I’m all sad for you. Poor Alex…

    2. Just trying to understand; What is it about this thief, Samsung, that make you want to stand up for them? What’s in it for you?
      I mean, do you think that because this thief is going around stealing that somehow you’ll be getting “fell of the back of a truck” prices? Nah! Can’t be the lower prices….because they ain’t really all that much lower, considering that the bulk of the money is in the carrier contract. Could it be quality of the product? Naaah, I don’t think they figured out how to copy quality yet. Could it be because they are ‘OPEN’. Naaah, because everyone should, by now, have figured out that ‘open’ is just code for ‘fragmented, virus prone piece of shit’. What could it be? Correct me if I am wrong, the way I picture you right now is holding ‘heaven’ in one hand and ‘earth’ in the other going ….heaven…or earth …..heaven ……or ….earth …..yeah obvious earth of course. Sad indeed.

  6. I need to go rinse the stench off after watching that dude spew that crap from his mouth, I think it seeped out through my screen or did I just throw up all over myself.

    I really hate Samsung.

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