Complete ‘iPhone 5’ front panel and 4-inch screen photos leak

“UBreakiFix has received these photos of the full front panel of the next generation iPhone from one of their distributors,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“The new screen is said to have increased to 4″ in diagonal (up from 3.5″) while preserving the same pixel density as the current iPhone design,” Kim reports. “This would provide apps with additional screen space to fill. UBreakiFix also provided a zoomed in photo of the top area with serial numbers and LCD connector.”

Purported iPhone 5 screen parts

Larger image and links in the full article here.


    1. What’s this?! Suddenly starting to like 4 inch now after initially slagging it off as ‘not enough’. Samdung disease of ‘claiming something that isn’t yours’ must have penetrated through your scrotum and infected that nut of yours. Oh, I forgot that isn’t even yours either.

        1. If it has at least a 4 inch screen I’d sell my right nut to buy it! Any buyers? I’ll throw in a 4s also!
          Hot f’n damn I hope it has a bigger screen.

  1. I like the current size because I can operate the device with one hand. My thumb reaches every part of the screen. If the 4″ is too big to do that, it’s a problem.

  2. I have no problem with the 3.5″ iPhone and 4″ might be nice but let’s face it there’s a point of diminishing returns before you are carrying around an iPhone Tablet. That’s what makes me laugh at these other buffoons who keep talking about Stealshams bigger phones. A friend of mine who has a large display phone admits it’s a bit of an issue carrying around. I think we have arrived nearly at the size these things are meant to be. Bigger is not also always better, it can be worse. Go buy an iPad Mini or Nexus if you want something bigger but PLEASE don’t give me a 7″ iPhone. The big innovation after these excesses will likely be a 2″ iPhone LOL. Or one of those collar-com doohickeys Captain Picard wears.

    1. Why does anyone think 4in is a tablet? 4in is nothing. I have held 4.3in androids and that’s not bad either. As long as they don’t get heavy it’s all good. Some people want to be stuck in the past

  3. Mark my words. All these leaks are really an upgraded iPhone 4S that Apple will be keeping on inventory, and is conveniently throwing everyone off the trail of the (real) iPhone 5.

    1. As long as phone itself is not significantly larger, thicker, or heavier, there is NO downside, if this “leak” is true.

      Based on these rumors, the screen is “bigger” because the screen is taller without making the screen any wider. That is the key reason why there is no downside to this size increase. When holding the iPhone “like a phone,” usability will be essentially the same. Existing apps that do not get updated will run fine, ignoring the extra 1/4-inch or so of screen at the top and bottom. New and updated apps can take advantage of the additional screen space, at the developer’s option.

      But it’s when holding new iPhone horizontally that this new screen will really “shine.” Widescreen videos will be much larger, because there will be no need for having the “black bars” at the top and bottom of the screen. I use my iPhone for reading ebooks, holding it horizontally. The wider screen will allow longer lines of text to fit on the screen. Games will be more immersive with a wider field of view.

      Making the iPhone screen larger in both dimensions (like with many Android phones) would have been a huge mistake, because that would effect the iPhone’s exceptional usability. But making the screen slightly taller has minimal impact “vertical usability” and physical size (“pocketability”), while GREATLY enhancing “horizontal usability.”

      1. Tiny though the current iPhone 4S screen is I’ve never attempted to read a book in landscape format. I’ve read a couple of books end to end in iBooks but find continuity a problem as I have to keep flipping the pages after a couple of paragraphs which can be a bit annoying.

        1. When holding the iPhone horizontally to use the Kindle app, I find the limited page “height” to be an advantage, not a disadvantage. It limits how much up and down movement my eyes need to make. With a larger screen (like an iPad) or a real book page, my eyes need to move quite a bit going from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner. I’m only reading one line at a time… having a larger page is distracting.

          With an iPhone screen held horizontally, my eyes stay more centered, moving mostly back and forth (side to side). I don’t need to “flip” pages, because I just tap on the right side of the page to “turn the page.” And the Kindle app refrains from any distracting animation, letting be stay focused on reading. My only wish was for each line of text to be slightly longer, more like a line of text in a newspaper column. This new screen will grant that wish… 🙂

          The PAPER book has evolved over the centuries to be the optimal design for the “physical” world, as the best compromise between “packaging” and “usability.” There is no need for the electronic book format to mimic a real book, because the packaging requirement is gone. For me, reading on the small iPhone screen is a BETTER experience. I read faster and more comfortably, with less eyestrain.

  4. I won’t believe any of these leaks until I see the real thing. Does anybody remember last year??? All we heard was “teardrop design”, “edge to edge display” and the like. I won’t be fooled again….

    1. I start not to believe all these “leaks” since last year when everyone say an
      iPhone 5 but out with 4s. Maybe I will only believe if it is again “stolen from a bar” haha

  5. Bigger screen ok, but same ratio.

    If they change the ration, here comes fragmentation ala Andread.

    That would be total bullshit.

    The iPhone app we just developed will NOT work on a different ratio.

  6. Better be more revolutionary improvement under the hood…
    making the phone taller in size isn’t a great feat.

    Hoping for better news or rumours on the iPhone 5.

  7. This isn’t a bigger iPhone, they just made it taller. I want a 4″ screen with the same aspect ratio as the current iPhone. I want a bigger screen, not a taller screen.

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