Apple’s calendar subscriptions servers offline

“For years Apple has made available their own and third-party calendar subscriptions on their iCal Calendars site,” Michael Grothaus reports for TUAW.

“Now Apple has appeared to have taken their iCalendar subscription servers offline,” Grothaus reports. “The servers host iCalendar files [to] which anyone with an app that supports the iCalendar (ICS) standard can subscribe… Subscribable calendars are an easy way for people to add a mass amount of data — like holidays or sporting team events — to their planners.”

Grothaus reports, “I’ve reached out to Apple for comment to see if this is a temporary issue or if they’ll be shuttering their iCalendar services for good.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Glad I did away with my subscription for my iCal events for my website and went with an alternate route where I am in control!

    Makes me real warm and fuzzy towards Cloud Computing.

  2. The publish to web feature (so clients could see my availability using their web browser and a bookmark) died with the iDisk.

    A really useful feature that I don’t know how to replace.

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