Apple, Samsung report no progress in narrowing scope of patent case

“Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. reported they made no progress toward narrowing their dispute over smartphone and computer tablet patents, increasing the chances a jury will decide the matter starting Aug. 21,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for Bloomberg.

“The companies said yesterday they weren’t able to narrow the scope of claims at issue in the lawsuit in out-of-court talks,” Rosenblatt reports. “The judge overseeing the case in federal court in San Jose, California, asked the parties to try to simplify the dispute, while also ordering the chief executives of the two companies to talk one more time before a jury begins deliberating. ‘I think it’s too late to hold out much hope that the parties will settle before the jury comes back,’ Mark Lemley, a Stanford University law professor, said yesterday by e-mail after the companies’ reported to the court. ‘When there is a settlement — and there will be — it will be a global deal involving more than just this case.'”

Rosenblatt reports, “‘The parties have met and conferred about case narrowing, but have not been able to narrow their cases further,’ according to a joint filing signed by attorneys on both sides. The filing didn’t refer to talks between the CEOs, Tim Cook at Apple and his counterpart at Samsung, Kwon Oh Hyun.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fly on the wall:
Cook: Nice to see you. How do you like that $10 billion deal to manufacture displays and Apple processors?
Kwon: Hello. We like it very much, thanks. So, can we continue stealing your patented IP and copying your trade dress to make fake iPhones and iPads?
Cook: No.
Kwon: OK, see you in court on Monday.
Cook: Yup, see ya.

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