Judge Koh: It’s Samsung’s own fault it ran out of time

“The judge presiding over the Apple vs. Samsung case… Judge Lucy Koh said, outside the presence of the jury, that Samsung chose to use the bulk of its time questioning Apple witnesses rather than presenting its own case,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“Koh said she would not entertain any motions from Samsung that it lacked time to present its case and entered her statement into the record, should the matter come up on appeal,” Fried reports. “‘amsung made a strategic decision to spend more time to [cross-examine] than Apple used to present its affirmative case,’ said Koh.”

Fried reports, “Apple is finishing up that portion of the case, with the final testimony expected to conclude Friday. The court will finalize jury instructions on Monday, with closing arguments slated for Tuesday.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Then she asked if anyone ever tried magic mushrooms.

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    1. I’m not sure about Koh, but I believe Samsung and their attorneys have done their best to try and sabotage the trial. I think they did this to increase any chance of an appeal and just push off the verdict and consequences as long as they can.

        1. They will file an appeal but that doesn’t mean it will be granted. You don’t get to have a new trial or a decision thrown out just because you did a shitass job.
          It’s to bad the losing law firm doesn’t have to pay part of the settlement. But it won’t break my heart when Samsung loses and they don’t pay their attorneys, then they file a lawsuit against the law firm for doing a shitass job. hahahaha
          2+ billion settlement, Samsung loses future billions, and their attorneys get $uck’d.

    2. As stated above, expect an appeal in any case.

      But, the judge has the right to set the time limits and make them stick. Samsung CANNOT go over their time limit and call it justification for an appeal. Not gonna happen. So boo-fracking-hoo Samsung.

      But Samsung will come up with some other jiggery-pokery excuse for an appeal. Have no doubt. We know they have no shame.

        1. Me too..actually my gf is smart as well as sexy and more. Seems “xx” and “botvinnik” have a problem with women. The judge has handled the case pretty well, according to a couple of lawyers who talked about it. Samsung (or Apple) will certainly go for retrial, but some of Samsung’s tactics would, in any appeal, not stand up. Lots of violations of trial procedure as established by the court aren’t admissible.

    1. Actually that is one smart Judge.

      Samsung played games and have come up short in several important areas.

      One is not being able to tell time. Maybe Samsung should ahve given their lawyers a few cheap clocks to help them out.

  1. Judge Koh ate way too many Kimchi. I believe she got caught in the excitement in the patent trial of the century and made regrettable statement like “… are you smoking crack…?”.

    I hope Samsung gangs in South Korea are not holding any member of Judge Koh’s relatives in South Korea as “hostages”… You never know… Samsung gangs will do anything to gain any advantage.

      1. I was working in asia.

        My Asian boss’ BMW 700 was set on fire by a rival boss. My boss then custom rebuilt his car and installed a 20,000 stereo system to further piss off his rival. Then someone tried to break into his house. My immediate supervisor then had to sleep at the boss’ house to protect his daughters…

        Was I working for a gambling joint? A bar? something shady… ?

        Nope… I was a Mac computer graphic artist. It was an ADVERTISING company!

        My boss used to like to show me machete scars on his forearms got in direct confrontations in his ‘younger days’. HIs favorite food was deep fried fish. “When I was young I could only afford stale meat and fish and the only way I could eat it was to deep fry them to get rid of the smell.. ” He and his rivals would do anything to get ahead in the ‘wild west’ of the Asian boom.

        I have no doubt Samsung (a family business with multiple rival clans and a gigantic and secretive organisation — no one really knows what they own and how much but estimates they control 20% if Korea’s GDP ) has connections with Triads or Yakuza (or whatever you call them in Korea.) You can’t do business in asia without it.

        I’ve talked with Triad dudes, a guy who hired them to find a friends daughter kidnapped by slavers, another businessman who was car jacked kindnapped and left tied with barb wire in a rubber estate…

        If an Asian company had dealth with Proview over the iPad name an Asian company being screwed like apple would have handled it very ‘differently’ (if you get my drift) than apple paying 60 million …. LOL.

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