Newly-granted Apple patent could lead to thinner, lighter iPhone screens

“Apple on Tuesday received a patent for touch screen LCD technology which integrates touch-sensing elements with display circuitry to create a thinner, lighter panel that will possibly make its way to the company’s popular smartphone,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,243,027 for a ‘Touch screen liquid crystal display’ describes a variety of methods in which a touchscreen’s touch-sensing elements are integrated within the LCD, unlike current technology which places the touch layer over a device’s screen,” Campbell reports. “The patent filing cross-references a number of properties regarding multi-touch and LCD technologies.”

Campbell reports, “LCD touchscreen technology used in the current iPhone 4S, for example, is ‘glass-on-glass’ or ‘on cell,’ meaning the touch sensitive capacitive element is sandwiched between a display unit’s top glass and a protective Gorilla Glass layer… In-cell technology removes the top substrate, or glass layer, by combining the liquid crystal and touch sensing elements into a single structure.”

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  1. Can we play a new game? Are you familiar with the one where you add “in bed” to the end of every fortune cookie fortune? To the end of every story about a new Apple patent, let’s add “for Samsung to copy”. That’ll be fun.

  2. Well this is just wonderful for Apple … I wonder who’s going to manufacture the panels for this? Piss in couple more large electronics manufacturers pools and there won’t be any left to make them. Samsung (lawyers) said, when asked why they didn’t assert their patterns soon, … (paraphrasing … We don’t piss in our friends pools) We’re not in the habit of suing our partners.

    1. Samsung lawyers: “Yes, that’s what I said; we’re not in the habit of suing our partners. Stealing their IP? Sure, all the time. But suing? We don’t do that.”

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