More retailers cut iPhone prices ahead of new model’s launch

“Target is offering the Verizon and AT&T flavors of the iPhone 4S for $179, while Best Buy has shaved $50 off the eight gigabyte iPhone 4, selling that model for just $49,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“Those price drops join a promotion from Sprint, which is currently selling the iPhone 4S for $149, $50 less than its usual price,” Fried reports. “Apple stores are also quietly matching prices from these and other retailers.”

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  1. * Goes to show what the phone was really worth. Or what its worth in todays market. And with apples market share down to 16.9% compared to samsungs 68.6% the days of huge profits for peanuts is now over. Competition is something apple has never been to keen on.

    1. But if you recall, Apple still garners approximately 78% of the smartphone profits. Apple isn’t worried about Samsung’s market share. They and Google are giving away their phones. Apple will really prevail in when Samsung and Google are legally outted as prolific copiers of Apple’s IP. Then we can talk about how well Samsung is doing.

    2. I don’t know where you pulled Samsung’s market share numbers from but the reality is that Android has 61% share of the worldwide smartphone market with Samsung owning 44% of it. Apple owns 21%. By comparison, Samsung’s relative market share is 26.8%.

      Given that Samaung doesn’t publish any data on the numbers sold, that is at best an estimate given by market research companies like IDC and Garnet. Also Samsung sells a whole gamut of smartphones running Bada and Android of which we have no data on the split of each.

      Volume isn’t the only metric to measure success in the smartphone market, although it is an important indicator of adoption rates. Without profits, you can have the biggest share but you’re likely facing a decline long term.

    3. I’d rather have a superior product that doesn’t try to dumb itself down to “compete” with the market volume share. While everyone is pissed at their phone that they got for free, I’ll be the minority enjoying my user experience… Apple is ok with that.

    4. Taking the guestimates of IDC, et al as sold phones has proven quite wrong in court documents. Balmer’s left nut hit it exactly right. Profit is the only metric to understand. Google activations are also likely bullshit, coming from a company whose DNA is Stealing.

    5. Nice try Fandroid. Android phones go TWO-FOR-ONE onlys WEEKS after their release, while iPhones only get reduced immediately before a new release. You really have the nerve to talk market value???

  2. @chris – Hmmmm…

    But that’s not much off the price – especially considering $325 to $350 of it is being subsidized by the Cellular Carriers.

    Noting the iPhone 4S without a contract from Virgin Mobile at $650.00. These days I can get a whole PC for around that price.

    But then again … WiFi, 3G, Email, Web, and a little portable computer that fits in your pocket … is a pretty snazzy device. (t virtually replaces many devices you otherwise might need to have and carry around. And it’s your telephone too. So portable office in the palm of your hand. What’s not to like. Just get stuck to your cell carrier for a couple of years … and this jewel can be yours. 🙂

    I wonder what percentage of sales are people actually buying them vs people getting them subsidized by Cellular Carriers? Probably 98% vs 2% or something crazy like that. I don’t think people would be actually buying them … if they really had to buy them at FULL PRICE. It’s a pretty good little market to be in – get the cell carriers to may over 90% of it and the consumer gets a Low Low Price. Everybody’s happy I guess.

    Everywhere you go people have Earbuds hanging from their ears. People must be buying iPods as well. I paid $200 something – for iPod Touch a year ago or so. But those are a little computer as well with WiFi. Other iPods $50.00 to around $120 I guess. People put a lot of value in portable music … and portable phones with little computers.

    As long as that can keep up its momentum … and not too much competition … who knows. Depends on if Apple can sue Samsung and such out of business. Then everyone else might be afraid and just fall off on their own.

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