Apple wins exclusion of two Samsung witnesses

“Late on Sunday evening by local time, Judge Lucy Koh entered an order on the parties’ objections to each other’s demonstratives (charts/slides) to be used by their expert witnesses this week, and in the same order also granted an Apple motion to exclude two Samsung witnesses,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“In a motion filed on Thursday, Apple complained that Samsung had listed ‘two witnesses the substance of whose testimony Samsung failed to disclose’ on a timely basis,” Mueller reports. Apple noted that Samsung had amended its initial disclosures list four times and listed ‘nearly 100 witnesses, but [the President of Samsung Telecommunications America, Dale Sohn] was not among them.’ Only last week, Samsung communicated that Mr. Sohn ‘may testify regarding Samsung’s innovative technology and products.'”

Mueller reports, “An even bigger issue is that Samsung allegedly ‘fought tooth-and-nail to prevent Apple from taking Mr. Sohn’s deposition,’ and in doing so, Samsung argued that Apple failed to show that Mr. Sohn had any unique ‘first-hand material knowledge.’ …Judge Koh held that ‘Samsung cannot now claim that Mr. Sohn has knowledge regarding Samsung’s technology and products after refusing for months to produce him for deposition,’ and has therefore precluded him from testifying on behalf of Samsung.”

“The other witness Apple just got excluded is Hyong Shin Park, described in the order as ‘one of the inventors of the [Samsung] F700 [smartphone],'” Mueller reports. “In this case, ‘inventor’ means ‘designer.'”

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      1. Isn’t it incredible when fans of a blatantly guilty company (and is found in the courts to be so) with the evidence as plain as the nose on your face can claim bias? Is nobody ever guilty of anything anymore, even when caught red-handed with their hands in the Apple cookie jar? Guess we should let all the criminals out of jail since no one is ever truly guilty of anything!

        1. as plain as the nose on YOUR face not mine. Has there been a verdict on this case already? You said the courts said so…

          Yah yah – Apple has a copyright on square things and rectangle things and things with rounded corners and buttons and icons. Why have I seen all of these things before?

          Hang them! hang them I say … and burn them too. Then the Kingdom of Apple can Rule on forever and ever.

  1. “The other witness Apple just got excluded is Hyong Shin Park, described in the order as ‘one of the inventors of the [Samsung] F700 [smartphone],’” Mueller reports. “In this case, ‘inventor’ means ‘designer.’”

    Really?? I mean come on! ‘designer’ NOT ‘inventor’!!! Samsung think they are inventing, in fact, they are not innovating anything, they just keep copy what Apple created, and try hard to fit everything left over in their factory, scramble all parts together and release them once every 6 months.

    Shame on you Samsung!

    1. Yah yah … wahhh …. wahhh 🙂 Shamesung on you wang fung.

      Button little computers came out with Palm Pilot … tablets were already out years and years ago …. they were just too expensive. Time and technologies got smaller and better.

      iOS and Mac OS X come from NextStep which comes from Mach and BSD Unix stuff. Also rather a matter of luck a Apple were trying to pay the best FreeBSD and whoever programmers to do this. But ended up getting most of it when Next and Steve Jobs came back (for big money.)

      “Go big money, I mean go its your break honey…” — Progressive TV commercial.

    1. They didn’t design your ass. That’s pre-posterior…us.

      I think they did a little more than just copy Apple, which copied others. which stood on the shoulders of giants in a lot of the things included in the Apple products.

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