Apple debuts new iPad TV ad ‘All On iPad’ (with video)

“Apple has debuted a new TV ad for their revolutionary iPad with Retina display on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

Apple’s description of the ad: “From reading a magazine to helping your business run smoothly, you can do just about anything on iPad. And with Retina display, it’s all more beautiful than ever.”

The ad’s voiceover states: Read it. Tweet it. Be surprised. Be productive. Make a sale. Make some lunch. Make a movie night. Play a game. Or an old favorite. Do it all more beautifully with the Retina display on iPad.


  1. Is anyone else getting these videos as a half screen thing. The video only shows the lower half of the video in the screen, the progress bar is half way up the video window.
    If I go full screen, it shows up OK.

    Just checking.

      1. Goooooogles h.264 via HTML5 support for youtube (the html5 beta program) has been pretty spotty (and being the “less than stellar corporate citizens” (i.e. slime balls) that they are and their distain for HTML5/H.264 (remember they pushed HARD for web-M and flash as “the” defacto standards), that may be intentional.

        Assuming you are on OS X & Safari, you are far better off to reset your youtube account settings back to “normal” (no HTML5 beta) and install YouTube5 safari extension. It works flawlessly.

        1. Video works fine for me, but I HIGHLY recommend the YouTube 5 extension as well.

          and folks.. Notice that “i” in the corner of the video? learn to use it (You can download the video… 😉 )

  2. Product demonstration is one of the most effective tv commercial strategies, and Apple has always done compelling versions of it. Of course Apple has always had the most compelling products to demonstrate.

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