Conan O’Brien slams Samsung’s slavish copying of Apple’s iPhone, iPad in new comedy bit (with video)

In a new comedy bit, Conan O’Brien’s TBS television program offers a video of Samsung vigorously defending itself against “Apple’s absurd allegations.”

Introducing the video, O’Brien states:

Apple is claiming that Samsung copied iPhone technology to market its own products.

Well, Samsung’s vice president of electronics has already released a video that’s defending his company; it’s a video message defending Samsung.

Let’s take a look.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome, Samsung, to the court of public opinion.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. They need to play that in court. If you get the jury and the judge to laugh a little, it could get this settled quicker with a laugh! Of course, along with massive penalties too!

    1. God, what a downer. Maybe if I were on Valium I could get a chuckle from that old burned out fart.

      And BTW, I started watching him when he had a daytime show and loved him for 20 years, but can’t handle his bitterness anymore.

      Conan? Hilarious.
      Craig Ferguson? Hilariouser….

  1. Americans should be outraged that a foreign company is improving its economic situation by ripping off an American companies designs and inventions.

    Granted manufacturing is farmed out to Foriegn companies to keep Apple products competitive… But that is the world American’s helped foster by demanding the highest wages and demanding the lowest product cost.

    Do we continue to shoot iurselves in the foot by by supporting Samsung’s reliance on stealing the fruits of the tech sector we can use to provide jobs for Americans in this sector because they can price a product cheaper because no R& D was required to develop it….

    We are the brokers of our own demise….if Apple dOminates the tech product world, an American company dominates the tech world… Providing more employment in sectors we have not already screwed ourselves out of

    For those who hate Apple for some reason a bit of all American advice…. Do not cut of your nose to spite your face…, supporting Samsung, even if they did not copy (which they did) is Not supporting an American company that provides the employment it can here…. If you think S Korans do not support Samsung wholeheartedly to preserve a national employment base leader… Think again

      1. your probably right.. I should lighten up… It falls on deaf ears anyway…but Americans need to see that we countries with highly nationalistic populations make things increasingly difficult for us by buying homegrown products as we continue to buy their products at the expense of those by our companies… This economic formula is a recipe for disaster.,, as proof look at the AMaZING strides made by the Chinese auto industry … In a few years you will see these products enter the US at a price that will make them irresistible to Americans…. Because they copied the expensive design and tech work and only had to pay for manufacturing which in China is way less expensive … Believe when I day a $10,000 Ford Taurus equivalent will hit out shores I’m 4 years or less.

    1. did you read the article(s) today about northeast indiana’s manufacturing factories that can’t find enough people (and their unemployment rate is about average for the country)? they are “importing” people from ohio and illinois. pretty amazing.

  2. Alright, everybody sing!
    (with apologies to Neil Diamond)

    “Samsung blew,
    Nobody wants one.

    Samsung knew
    Apple stuff was more fun

    Screwing you
    Is what they do
    To try to get ahead

    But before too long the judge came along
    And declared them dead
    They’re all dead head Freds…..”

  3. The uploader of this video has not made it available in your country?
    I thought the internet was the great democracy. Yet is is still a segregated society when the media companies get involved.

  4. Tomorrow: Boycott Samsung.
    Today: Ridiculize Samsung too.
    We don’t need your products!
    We don’t need your TV money (ask Conan)!
    We don’t need watch your stupid TV ads offending Apple and your fans!
    You die like MS, Dell, HP, Nokia, Google, Facebook… all the evi go to hell.

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