Samsung lawyer attempts to pry next-gen iPhone info out of Phil Schiller

“There’s been no shortage of once-confidential Apple information spilling out recently, ahead of the Apple v. Samsung patent trial here,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET. “But with the proceedings in full swing, today could have brought the biggest revelation of all.”

“During the cross-examination of Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller, Samsung’s attorney tried to get the executive to talk about a product that hasn’t been announced yet,” Lowensohn reports. “In an attempt to get Schiller talking about design, Samsung attorney William Price asked Schiller whether Apple’s next iPhone model would look anything like existing versions, or if changes were in store.”

Lowensohn reports, “Schiller, looking nervous, sought confirmation from Price of what had just been asked of him. Then he said, ‘I prefer not to tell confidential information about future products.’ Price didn’t press for more.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, good luck with that, Samsung.


  1. I know this is unlikely, but what I think SHOULD happen is that Samsung’s brand is damaged to the point of non-viability. They’re thieves, and their lawyers are disgusting enablers. I will not buy or authorize to buy anything from Samsung, and I used to be a fan of their products, which I now regret.

        1. G4 always pulls this attack, you should read some other duzies he/she had wrote previously.

          MDN has been inundated with the likes of this one since Apple has been defending itself from these copiers.

          It’s just proof that it’s a problem for them in understanding facts, but being narrow minded and short sighted is what we see with most Apple haters.

          Just look at it as a terrible comedy routine, and that’s even giving them more credit then what they deserve.

    1. samsung is huge. They make and sell everything from ships, to weapons, to insurance. They are (already) well known in Asia as being one of the most unethical, corrupt companies on the planet. This trial unfortunately won’t hurt their image much- it’s already lower than dirt as it is.

      1. Another unprovoked attack from an anti-Apple person? Why am I not shocked? When you’ve got nothing but a virus-ridden OS, crappy apps, and cheap plastic phones, you’ve got nothing better to attack with than childish names.

    2. Personifying a corporation is a bit too much to ask for.
      You can say that an issue would be bad for an image of a company such as SAM$uck only if it does not carry advertizement.That was the short version… but here is some explanation:
      Do you think British Petroleum lost face when they spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico? NO! They used that incident to build relationship with the locals and pay them off. They used that to build relationship and bribe the government as well. So now they have hooks everywhere!

      A corporation is a corporation NOT HUMAN! What benefits a corporation may not necessarily be good for humans or comply with humanity.

    3. Enough with the lawyer hating. They’re doing their job–vigorously advocating for their client. You’d want your lawyer to do the same for you. It’s the American system. Love it or leave it (or work within it to change it).

  2. As you say, unlikely. You’d be surprised how much bizarre, irrational hatred against Apple there is outside of our little MDN circle. To all those, Samsung is a quintessential hero, fighting a good fight against an evil force that wants to dominate the world, control everyone and limit everything.

    1. Confirmed. Spent and afternoon on BGR. Big mistake. All the fandroids thought Apple wanted everything banned for round corners. They completely don’t get what that trial is about. I know MDN is an Apple fanatics site, but I when I come over here I at least get some interesting thought provoking comments once in a while. Over there it’s all ‘Apple Sucks because I hate them.’ They all think Samsung is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Troubling because I use both iOs and Android(HTC) and they seem to interact just fine.

        1. Well to be honest I was not expecting objectivity here. I was surprised it was more existent here than somewhere else! Anyway, I love my Mac and my droid. Sue Me! Oh wait a minute….

      1. Yes, chuckle away chuckle head..

        In other news, what he said is valid and true. Outside of Apple fan-bois that is the perception. Try rounding out your news with some other tech sites and you will see that Bongo is in fact accurate in what he said.

        When you cut off all other opinions and go single source, you become less factual, and more inclined to be propagandized, hearing only what you want to hear, believing only what you want to believe. In other words a delusional fool…

        And no, I’m not a samsung fan, nor am I defending them. I am simply pointing out that what Bongo said is true (at least the perception outside of Apple fans), because it is..

        1. What is with the anti-Apple people and the childish name calling? I understand you’re bitterly disappointed with your choice of phone or tablet, but don’t take it out on Apple.

    1. Indeed and looks like they will overwhelm the Chinese market as evidenced by today’s #’s for Q2 in China and rest assured India in not far behind. Samsung plays the same game as Microsoft does and this is the #’s game. Add to this a little anti-american advertising here and there and Samsung carries on doing what they do without breaking a sweat. Failing which they come after you with their weapons division.

      At any rate, Apple is in a bit of a pickle as so much of their products rely on quality Samsung components but I guess now they will defer to Toshiba, Sharp, LG as the word is Japan is that Sony is also done working with Apple since they consumed Erickson.

      Regardless, all Apple needs to do is to ensure that Quality continues to be part of their pay a higher price argument failing which Apple pricing might need to come down.

  3. Everyone who whines about the unfairness of Apple should Answer a simple question. What if you hired a handyman to help fix your home and he moved all your furniture, stereo gear and computer equipment into your yard and had a yard sale, pocketing the money? How many would say that kind of stealing would be fine with them? So please, when classifying Apple, the victim here as the bully, STFU you hypocritical POS!!!!

      1. Your opinion isn’t humble enough. The analogy is about Apple being ripped off. Apple invented a product. They gave Samsung money to buy pieces of the product to make it a reality. Samsung stole their design and ideas and sold it. The people whining are complaining that Apple is the bully. Apple is the victim. Get it?

  4. Phyl Schiller: “Yes, the next iPhone will be full of new features and have a sensible stylish shape and will include . . . Hey, wait a minute, you guys can’t figure it out until we show you first!”

    Samsung: ” Tell us anyway. We want to be good ‘competitors’.”

  5. “In an attempt to get Schiller talking about design, Samsung attorney William Price asked Schiller whether Apple’s next iPhone model would look anything like existing versions, or if changes were in store.”
    To which I would have answered, “Yes”
    When asked again, “will it look like existing versions, or has the design been changed significantly?”,
    the answer would again be “yes”.
    And I’d continue with, “as far as Apple are concerned, regarding designs for future products, things are more the way they are now than they’ve ever been”
    Let them pick the bones out of that.

      1. if they ever tried to make a movie out of it I would love to see this scene performed by Zach Galifianakis as Samsung’s lawyer and Russell Brand as Schiller, even if they don’t look alike it would be hilarious having them play this scene with their signature acting style:)

  6. I’m actually amazed that Judge D’OH! didn’t force Schiller to spill the beans about the next iPhone. It seems she will allow Samsung any shenanigans with no consequences whatsoever.

    Judge D’OH! to Samsung: “I order so and so”.

    Samsung to Judge D’OH! : “Screw that!”

    Judge D’OH! to Samsung: “Oh. Um, OK”

  7. Apple has been the only innovator in the computer space for decades. All the clueless Windows morons hate the fact that their pathetic platform is dying.

    Now they found a new hero, Guurgle and Shamedung.

    Let them have their pathetic heros and live in Looserville.

    1. Perceptive. The trial itself seems irrelevant, even farcical to the power that is Samsung. Samsung seems to care little for the outcome of the trial, as it has already reaped billions from its forays. It appears to view the trial as simply another opportunity to increase its market position through grandstanding, intimidation, bluster, and legerdemain.

      It’s actions betray the sinister motives of a clan insensitive to its own cynicism and opportunism, and dismissive of any concept of justice outside of its own definition of world order.

      Not too far from the dementia of North Korea, now I think of it.

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