Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. lays off nearly a third of the staff of ‘The Daily’

The Daily, News Corp.’s attempt to create a digital newspaper for the iPad age, is laying off nearly a third of its staff,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“The publisher plans to tell its workers today that it will fire 50 of its 170 employees, according to people familiar with the Daily’s plans,” Kafka reports, noting that News Corp. also owns AllThingsD. “The move comes 18 months after the tablet newspaper’s high-profile launch, and a little more than a month after News Corp. announced plans to split itself into an entertainment company and a newspaper company.”

Kafka reports, “Employees who produce the paper’s editorial page and sports coverage will be heavily hit by the layoffs, and the Daily will run skeletal versions of those sections from now on. But the cuts will affect other parts of the Daily, including its design and production staff.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Finally. How soon until the other 120 get their pink slips?

As we wrote back in April 2011: “The Daily is losing audience because it’s a pain in the ass to read. It’s always been that way and it hasn’t improved rapidly enough. We do not want to be forced to learn several new paradigms for accessing content. We just want to read/view/watch/listen to the news. You can’t find anything painlessly in The Daily, so we stopped bothering. Also from News Corp., the less ambitious NY Post app for iPad is far better; it’s navigable without having to screw around pinching and swiping and tapping assorted crap, much of it hidden. Launch the NY Post app and you get their version of the news; that’s all we want.

We don’t want stupid UI puzzles, we just want the effing news!

The Daily needs to remove (or hide) the bells and whistles, open on the Table of Contents (or just copy The NY Post app) and KISS. Then we might consider launching The Daily on our iPads again. Maybe.”

We haven’t bothered to look at the thing in well over a year. Has anyone? If so, did they take any of our advice?

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  1. The navigation and bells and whistles all got worked out. But the editorial choices went against 2/3 of the iPad demographic. Add to that the huge weight given to gossip and opinion and the other sections suffered.

    It is a real shame cuz some of the sections do a nice job.

  2. There already are newspapers for the digital age and they are not made by the fact challenged NewzCrap or it’s Murdoch Street Journal.

    One is called The Financial Times, another The New York Times.

    None have the stench of Murdoch. Begone, Rupert.

    1. You also have the Murdoch factor that most Apple users are aware of – left wingers are not inclined to give money to any enterprise associated with Murdoch. No media owner is more hated for his negative manipulation of the American Political system than him. No matter how “Good” the Daily might be, it’s still a vehicle for Rupert to make money with. Therefore he gets none from the left which I think is the majority of Apple users who Think Different than right wing facists like Murdoch.

    2. The New York Times? If you are saying they are not infected by the Murdoch Touch, I agree. However if you are saying that the NYT is a better paper than what Murdoch has, your wrong. The NYT is a paper that has had credibility issue and are a little better than a tabloid. The Financial Times seems to be better, if you enjoy straight business news.

  3. Regardless of what some others have said. I like it. I love the video work in it. I have found many things interesting in every issue. I am very sorry that Rupert has chosen to do this. I don’t think he gets digital. And what is wrong with having crossword and Suduko. I don’t do either but my family sure does. I would be interested in knowing what the people who don’t like it would change and when was the last time you looked at it. Rupert, your mistakes continue.

  4. All sounds so typical of Murdoch tabloid crap, like his shitty UK papers, The Sun and News of the World, full of scurrilous celebrity scandal and bare tits.
    I wouldn’t wipe my ass with a Murdoch paper, it’d end up dirtier than it started out.

    1. Once again Rorschach, you are having trouble posting anything meaningful without resorting to potty talk. If you can’t say it cleanly, don’t bother posting.

  5. The world would be a much better place if media outlets were independent and dedicated to excellence in objective reporting and in-depth investigation instead of divisions of one ego-driven schmuck’s former media empire, constantly propping up profits by titillating gossip and hot-button snippets taken out of context and blown out of proportion.

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