Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion and Airplay Mirroring: Time to cut the cord?

“With Airplay Mirroring now part of OS X Mountain Lion, you’re going to hear a lot of people claim that OS X is now a cord-cutting tour de force,” Matt Peckham reports for TIME Magazine. “The iPad and iPhone 4S already had it, and now your Mac does, too.”

“In reality, what Apple’s done is make it slightly more convenient to stream whatever’s on your Mac’s screen to your television, wirelessly, by way of an intermediary device,” Peckham reports. “Those of you who already own an iPad or iPhone 4S, and who’ve been doing this for months now, may be less impressed.”

Peckham reports, “Having the ability to simply click an icon in OS X’s menu bar, select “Apple TV” and watch as, presto, my Mac’s display hijacks my television is impressive… It’s also as intuitive to initiate as anything else I’ve employed my Apple wireless devices for, clicking the same box-triangle icon in iTunes to bounce audio from my music library between the Apple TV or speakers connected to an Airport Express, for instance.”

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    1. Look at Air Parrot. There are technical reasons the earlier MBP’s won’t support it.

      I plan to go the Air Parrot route or use my iPad until i upgrade to retina MBP next year.

      1. AirParrot’s drivers conflict with the NVIDIA card. It’s even described on AirParrot’s FAQ page (though they don’t list the mid-2010 MBP’s NVIDIA card specifically).

        After I installed it, my MBP would go to a screensaver all the time, for no apparent reason. Got rid of AirParrot and it’s back to normal.

        1. I was able to load the audio driver in Air Parrot with no issue but had problems when I loaded the video driver that is designed to extend the desktop to 1080p instead of just mirroring. It worked great right up until my MacBook Pro went to sleep. The other issue is when you go full screen on the extended desktop you get the linen background on the notebook screen.

          I elected to just keep the mirroring via Air Parrot and use regular AirPlay for music, video, and movies via iTunes. It will have to do until 2014 or so.

  1. I haven’t tried it yet but from what I understand you can’t pipe system audio and I assume there must be some noticeable latency which would surely make it fiddly to move the mouse cursor?

  2. “With Airplay Mirroring now part of OS X Mountain Lion, you’re going to hear a lot of people claim that OS X is now a cord-cutting tour de force,”

    Not until the devices can talk directly to each other without a 3rd party network. It’s stupid that they can’t.

    1. What do you mean, “without a third-party network”? My Mac is on wifi. My AppleTV is on wifi. If they were not, I wouldn’t have an internet connection. Now, if I am willing to work without internet, I can certainly connect the AppleTV and the Mac directly over wifi without a router by having the Mac create a network.

  3. I used this over the weekend while working on powerpoint slides for a presentation this week. It worked flawlessly and the cursor lag was barely noticeable. It’s very intuitive and kinda fun!

  4. It would be nice if I could ACTUALLY use airplay mirroring on my barely used MacBook Pro. If there is a real technical limitation in an 18 month laptop to be able to mirror, I’d like to hear it. More like artificially limited by some controlling authority.

      1. Air Parrot can sure do it, you would think Apple could be a wee bit more inclusive of their machines for Airplay mirroring. I’m all for progress moving forward, but man there’s gonna be quite a few disappointed Mac users when they find out their relatively new machine can’t perform the best new feature of Mountain Lion.

  5. Of course you’re going to hear about different quirks about Airplay mirroring on the Mac because people have different set ups but his complaints are very minor compared to the plus’ it has brought. How about the ability to stream ESPN 3 and HBO Go which IOS will not let you do, I say this alone makes it worth the $20 Mountain Lion upgrade, no doubt!

  6. It’s amazing. Love it and use it all the time. It does sometimes stammer though, not sure why, especially during the first moments of the connection.

  7. I was kind of hoping that AirPlayMirroring would work with more than just Mac to Apple TV, like Reflections did. But I have not yet really tried it because I don’t own an Apple TV. I don’t plan on getting one any time soon either. I was hoping that I could stream games like Infinity Blade and Final Fantasy or a few movies from my iPad to my MBPS 2011. But unfortunately, that is not yet an option.

    Looks like I’ll have to purchase that $15.00 app instead. I held back on it when I heard ML would have it. But it was not the type of thing I was expecting it to be.

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