Judge overrules Samsung objections to ‘gratuitous images’ of Steve Jobs in Apple’s opening slides

“Ahead of the trial [that begins today] in San Jose, Samsung just filed 14 objections to Apple’s opening slides,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “The first one: ‘Samsung objects to the images of Steve Jobs appearing in Slide Nos. 6, 7, 12, 16, and 29 of Apple’s Opening Presentation.'”

“The parties’ opening slides haven’t been published yet. That’s why all that’s known about Apple’s slides at this stage is what the parties say in the filings they just made. According to Samsung, ‘[t]hese gratuitous images have no evidentiary value and have been asserted in order to turn the trial into the popularity contest that the Court prohibited’ in a previous ruling,” Mueller reports. “Samsung quotes the relevant part of that ruling: ‘Evidence related to Steve Jobs will generally be excluded unless it is specifically relevant to the IP rights at issue in the case, although the Court will make that determination on a case-by-case basis.'”

Mueller reports, “Late on Sunday, Judge Koh overruled all of Samsung’s related objections because each of the images of Steve Jobs ‘is relevant to Apple’s iPhone design patent and trade dress claims and is not unduly prejudicial.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. What an asshat of a loser company. They copied iPhone shamelessly, profited enormously and illegally. They will have to pay up but 2.5 billion is not even close to what they should be paying.

      1. I agree but i’m not holding my breath on that–so far there hasn’t been any meaningful wins for Apple in court vs android copyists. Even Oracle got smacked-down vs Google. It will be a minor miracle if Apple wins this action..

  1. Samsung reminds me of a sociopath; I am familiar with sociopaths because I once had a sharp business partner who turned out to be one, and I’ve worked at a company that had a few.

    Sociopaths take from others without the inconvenience of being encumbered by a moral sense of equity and reciprocity. They respond only to pain. Samsung his heading for a vigorous kick to the crotch over Apple.

    I’ve been amazed in the past at how sociopaths respond to pain—both figurative and highly literal because my brother has dished out physical pain in the past to many a sociopath. They sulk in a corner and nurse their wounds (mashed nose, depleted bank account, or time spent away family while they resided in the “gray-bar hotel”) and after a pleasant respite, they just saunter away and try something else less painful.

  2. Poor bastards who are so ignorant to buy those slavish crappy copies of the iPhone and the iPad. I mean, who is that dumb to buy from a company that dumb?

    1. i have friend that came with me to pick up some batteries at Radio Shack the other day. At the front entrance of the there were phones on a counter one being white. She remarked, “Oh look at that iPhone how beautiful it’s just like yours!” I knew otherwise and told her to look my white iPhone 4s. She told me she couldn’t tell the difference. Unfortunately, she is part of the naive masses. I couldn’t believe myself how similar initially it looked to me. Samsung has done such an unethical thing copying Apple’s devices. Reminds me of Japanese car markers that hired Italian designers to copy higher end cars years ago. Hope Samsung gets nailed in court.

  3. More of the same from Scamscum. Expect their shysters to be dragged kicking and screaming through this trial, filing every possible motion they can to delay the inevitable.

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