TV brands join smart TV alliances out of fear of Apple smart TV

“Display system providers TPV Technology and LG Electronics are said to either be forming alliances with one another or are seeking out additional partners for smart TV alliances,” Julian Ho and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes. “China-based TV brand Changhong has also formed an alliance and predicts that within three years it will have cloud computing as the core of its smart TVs with expanded software and hardware, the sources noted.”

“The sources said the alliances are also forming as Apple is preparing to release a smart TV,” Ho and Wolfgram report. “Due to Apple’s influence in the market, the sources fear it will further dominate the smart TV market, which is estimated to reach a 40% penetration rate by 2014.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We love the smell of fear in the morning.

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Or, rather than spending all their energy making alliances and circling the wagons, perhaps they could try to innovate and create smart TV’s that are actually worth buying?

    Naa… never mind just go on as you are, peddling crap, wait for Apple to invent something useful and then attempt to rip it off.

    1. It must be hell to find yourself in the same room as the biggest gorilla in the world. Thing of it is, it’s just a rumor at this point. The only known AppleTV is about the size of a couple of decks of cards and completely bypasses everything in current TVs except the tuner and the screen.

      There are several rooms I’d love to see Apple enter (cars (they could buy GM for cash, trick is, could they ever unscrew it?), home energy systems, distributed power production (they’re doing a prototype in NC), housing (Remember the Sears Craftsman Kit homes that now draw a premium price? Think Apple Genius Homes, green, low power, enduring value))

      Hope springs eternal. Lucky for me it’s so easy to spend OPM.

      1. And the funny thing is after apple invents it (smart TV in this case) they will all copy it claiming that it was “obvious” and “the only way to design a smart TV”

        Yeah it’s the obvious solution and “the” way do it, AFTER someone thinks it up. That, is the brilliance of real industrial design.

  2. Be afraid, be VERY afraid. Apple will rule that too. It’s hilarious how great execution, great human interfaces and cool products can do that. Too bad more companies have like NEVER thought that way hence Apple’s rapid ascendence and success.

    1. Yes Apple is a 180° paradigm shift from the the industry as we know it.
      They are trying to construct a way (alliance) to lock out competitors (better products) so they can continue to peddle the same old crap (very microsoftian) Whereas Apple doesn’t even factor in competitors in terms of their design and innovation, they just build a better mousetrap offer it to people at a fair price then continue to push forward, making competing with them very difficult (basically have two options forever place copy and catch up (like samsung with their ripped off phone interface, their new “S cloud services” and “S-voice”) or actually create something innovative and different that people want to buy. Funny how few companies do the latter. I guess MS-think (“just barely good enough” becomes good enough if you make it the only reasonable choice) has been steeped deep into the DNA of the current crop of electronics companies.

  3. Let’s get this much straight, currently there are no smart TVs. There a few “not as dumb” TVs, but no smart ones. When a big box can weigh 100 pounds, remain stationary, draw from an unlimited power source, have plenty of space for as much RAM or storage as anyone could afford, and have hard wired access to my Internet provider and still be dumber than my mobile phone, then you can’t call it a smart tv.

  4. I don’t want a Smart TV. I only want a screen that display whatever pictures I want to send to it. That is the way I have been using TVs since my very first.

    TVs have poor sound reproduction, so I use my stereo for sound. TVs didn’t initially come with cable capability and still don’t have satellite capability built in, so different boxes have been needed to get these sources onto the TV. I have never used the built-in tuners of any on my TVs, though I did use the tuner in my VCR for a while.

    All I ask of my TV is good picture quality, fast response and multiple input formats.

  5. Funny how a few months ago (even weeks ago) they were all posturing themselves. “We’re not worried. Not one. Single. Bit.”

    Then the interview camera turned off and they shit themselves.

  6. Just the thought that Apple might enter a market is enough today to cause concern and even panic in industries around the world. .

    Such is the power that Steve Jobs brought to to this world.

    Steve, you did change the world.

  7. I think Apple is just fscking with all the other manufacturers! They have never planned on making an actual TV set. The “smart” in Smart TV is just the Apple TV. All these other companies will waste a bunch of $$$ on making a Smart TV that will fail because the UI will be terrible and consumers will hate it.

  8. The Cable/TV industry will be just as bad as Microsoft if it doesn’t shake itself up.
    1. If people are watching TV for free over the air or online, then that justifies advertisements or commercials. If they’re paying some ridiculous monthly fee, then they shouldn’t be subjected to advertisements or commercials.
    2. If people want to buy bundles of Cable/TV channels, then let them. If they don’t, then offer an a la carte or build-your-own-bundle option.
    3. If people want to watch Cable/TV shows on their iPhones or iPads, figure out some reasonable way for them to do that.
    Giving your customers what they want shouldn’t be rocket-science.

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