Verizon sold 2.9 million Android phones, 2.7 million iPhones, and 300,000 BlackBerrys in Q2

“Verizon Wireless added 888,000 contract customers in the quarter, compared with 1.3 million a year ago. While that reflects an industrywide slowdown in growth, the number beat the 724,000 estimated by analysts. The profit margin on those customers, excluding some items, climbed to a record 49 percent,” Scott Moritz reports for Bloomberg. “The average revenue per contract user rose 3.7 percent to a record $56.13. Analysts predicted that the so-called postpaid ARPU figure would be $55.82.”

“Verizon Wireless sold 5.9 million smartphones in the second quarter, according to a company presentation today, down 6.3 percent from the first quarter. The decline in part is due to a slowdown in the upgrade rate to 7 percent from 8 percent in the first quarter as fewer subscribers traded in old phones for new phones,” Moritz reports. “Of the smartphone total, Google Inc. Android-operated devices accounted for 49 percent or 2.9 million, and Apple Inc. iPhones were 46 percent of the total, or 2.7 million. Most of the 300,000 remaining smartphones were Research In Motion BlackBerries.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s basically tying the sales of all Android handsets put together, including any BOGOF “deals,” and they don’t even offer a 4G iPhone, yet!

The next-gen iPhone with 4G LTE is going to kill it worldwide.


    1. Yeah, so we have:
      1 all models of Android lumped together.
      2 on the number 1 US android carrier
      3 with sales staff that specifically tries to redirect iPhone sales over to Android
      4 the iPhone has no free with contract version for Verizon
      5 the current model iPhone is almost a year old
      6 the current model iPhone can’t use the LTE network which Verizon is actively pushing

      With all of those liabilities, the iPhone still ties all android handsets grouped together? Android has serious problems ahead, Apple is no way going to let Googke keep those customers without a fight.

      At same time Google will increasingly get the cold shoulder on iOS since they betrayed Apple and rippe them off.

      1. Your statement:
        “3 with sales staff that specifically tries to redirect iPhone sales over to Android”

        Is SO true, It’s unbelievable! See my reply post to someone else farther below that I posted before I read this post.

      1. would love it if apple introduced an iphone classic, a 3gs case with a front camera and the iphone 4 hardware, sell it for 300 dollars and for free on verizon, ATT, sprint.

        i am a litle concerned with the whole iphone 5 thing. i just dont like the whole 16:9 4inch screen i was hoping for a 4.1-4.3 4:3 screen. not as big as the horrible samsung sizes but bigger than 3.5
        also it would be very smart if apple really upgrades the cameras, front and back and seriously improves the horrible flash for the camera.

    2. Totally agree. I hate walking into the Verizon store in my town. Nice brand new, large store and it’s all Droids pushing like a pimp and his girls. They don’t even display the iPhone but they have it and you can’t find shit for accessories and if they do have any, they charge you double for the same thing elsewhere or what they have on the Droid wall.

      Screw Verizon! Are they really even trying to provide the best service and advice for their customers or their own interests?

    3. They have to push those 4G LTE smartphones to get more money from the consumers over the course of two years. And they also have those bloatware apps that might get consumers to use more services. Why would they recommend the iPhone that uses 3G and has no bloatware? It would seem counterproductive for any carrier to just push the iPhone. Apple is very fortunate to have their own retail stores and online site.

      I still don’t get why they keep lumping all Android smartphones against Apple’s iPhone. Those are separate companies selling Android devices. They even compete against each other for sales. Android OS is not some great conglomerate of combined forces. That’s why all the fragmentation exists.

  1. And don’t forget, Verizon doesn’t offer the free 3GS (that’s only on AT&T). Just think what will happen when the 4 drops to free and the 4S to $99 in the fall!

  2. Booo. I don’t want Blackberry to go away. The more competition Apple has, the better their products and services. The more options the better. They don’t have to go away for Apple to win. Let’s face it, would we be getting the iPhone 5 in a few months were there not Android? Of course not.

    1. Just how in the hell is competing (yeah, right) with RIM going to “better” Apple’s products and services? Your lack of logic is the mark of a simpleton.

    1. Very many people will continue to buy Android, as they are actively promoted by the carriers; iPhones sell themselves. Also Android buyers are less discerning, cheap, and just want a glorified feature phone for brain-dead omg texting etc.

      I refer, of course, to the vast Android mainstream that sustains that platform, not the nasty, defensive, crowing vocal minority coalition of ubergeeks, preteens on inhalants, blogosphere shills, and character assassins.

  3. For me new AT&T plan is better. We have family plan with 700 minutes and unlimited data. With taxes $173 a month. We also have 2 iPad plans, 2 gigs for $25 each. We seldom exceed 1.5 gig on iPad and never exceed 1.5 gigs with our iPhones. Nowhere near 700 minutes either. So it looks like 4 gig plan w 2 iPhones and 2 iPads saves us quite a bit. I believe one should pay for what one uses, I do not care to subsidize your movie watching.

  4. If 27 million is the total android count, then samsung is some fraction of that. Likely that iPhone outsold all the samsung phones combined making iPhone the best seller on Verizon.

    1. It’s highly likely Apple did outsell Samsung, but even if it didn’t, what does it really mean. Samsung has a greater variety of smartphone models and price ranges and in the end Apple is making the most money by a longshot. Why analysts consistently confuse moving lots of units with running a successful business is beyond me. If that’s the case, Nokia wouldn’t be nearly bankrupt after all those years of moving the most phones.

    1. Is is restarted also! Once l was getting my 4s, the Verizon guy said no we do not recommend the iPhone and shpwed me all the droids and androids in the store and I said I want a white 4s and he said that it doesn’t get 4g I was like ok whatever and now I still am rocking the 4 waiting for the 5

    2. I agree. Had a client go into our local Verison store and ask for an iPhone and the salesman’s answer wasn’t “Sure!” it was “Why do you want an iPhone?”

      Why should someone going in asking for an iPhone be asked to Justify why they want an iPhone by a Verison sales guy?

      Apple needs to have a talk with Verison management.

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