New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was secret iPhone user at Google

“Marissa Mayer may have had one of the most powerful positions at Google, the supplier of the Android operating system, and been in charge of its Local side (which of course would aim to use Google products such as Maps and location services),” Charles Arthur reports for The Guardian. “But for herself, she was an iPhone user even while ruling the top of Google.”

“There are plenty of pics of her holding an iPhone during presentations [from as far back as 2007, the year the iPhone was released],” Arthur reports. “More solid evidence comes from her Twitter feed. Analysing the method used to send tweets (via shows that while the vast majority were sent from a desktop/laptop browser, her next most common method of posting was via the iPhone Twitter client.”

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer<br>(photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
(photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Further evidence? She was also a user (Tweetstats says) of Foursquare (that’s cross-platform). And the key clue: Instagram – which was iPhone-only until early April…. In March [she tweeted] an Instagram pic… And that couldn’t have been spouse Zack Bogue because, as we all know, he only dumped his BlackBerry for an iPhone earlier this week.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why settle for a knockoff when the real thing is readily available?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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      1. She has more appeal than Steve Ballmer, by a country mile. Sex appeal, we’re talking not miles, but light years. But fundamentally, it’s going to be her cerebral cortex that makes the difference, not her chromosomes. (I can imagine her jumping at this chance to escape the cavern of the morlocks.)

        1. She goes on to resurrect Yahoo to become a close to a competitor for Google, then takes over Microsoft and gets Windows 8’s successor to the point of pushing Apple back to its struggling days in the 1990’s. You heard it first on MacDailyNews.

    1. Oh hush! Are you now going to say that Danica Patrick can’t drive a race car at 200 mph while looking gorgeous too?

      Come on. She’s beautiful, is showing it, and apparently will have a great chance at turning around Yahoo based on her previous performance.

      This is a fresh new look for Yahoo! And I think it’s great!

    1. She might have another laugh that she saves for her significant other. I have no proof, but know many women have a totally different wicked laugh when appropriate.

  1. Using an iPhone while competing against it is smart. Knowing your competition and what they have is critical business intelligence.

    If I were making luxury sports sedans I would be sure to drive Audis, BMWs and Benzes on a regular basis. Sorry Lexus/Acura/Infiniti, you make nice dressed up Toyotas/Hondas/Nissans, but nothing drives like a German car. Nothing. Certainly nothing from Japan.

    1. I sold Hondas for over ten years, before jumping ship to Mercedes-Benz, and you sir, are 100% correct!

      I’ve owned them all, and MB is definitely my favorite!

  2. Marissa Mayer is a brilliant woman who should be known for her considerable accomplishments at Google. The adolescent focus upon her breasts, her beauty, her figure has gone too far. If she was a man would we be saying how he bulges his pants. No! We would not. So let me raise the discourse on this website a bit by saying…She is so freaking hot!!!

    1. I guess she has all the attributes to make her the perfect geek goddess: a smart, wealthy, cute, software engineer who is a tech executive.

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