Apple’s Siri hit with patent infringement lawsuit in China

“Another day, another lawsuit out of China targeting one of Apple’s products,” Don Reisinger reports for CNET.

“This time around, a Shanghai-based voice application developer, Zhizhen Network Technology, has reportedly sued Apple for allegedly infringing a patent it holds related to ‘a type of instant messaging chat bot system’ it calls Xiaoi Bot,” Reisinger reports. “The company argues that the patent, which it filed for in August 2004 and was awarded in February 2006, is being violated by Apple’s Siri.”

Reisinger reports, “It’s worth noting that Apple didn’t actually invent Siri. Instead, Apple acquired the service in 2010.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, well, what does Carl Franklin, son of the late Dr. Franklin, former OSI scientist and cybernetics pioneer, have to say about all this?


    1. The sly MDN take suggests that Carl Franklin would claim priority, and unleash an army of fembots (developed way back in the 1970s) upon the Chinese patent litigators. He has plenty of money already; he wouldn’t sue over Xiaoi Bot, but has a taste for revenge. Get your popcorn.

  1. The worthless country china has no dignity or shame, now they are oretending that they invented voice tech or whatever gibberish, this is the most closed down and controlled society in the world, how are the people there going to develop such tech on their own. We know they are great at slave labour and thats about it. Nothing original idea wise comes out of china

    1. I’m not a big fine of totalitarian/communistic govts. But, to say that China is unable to produce high-end technology is innacurate. You will notice, for instance, that the shear number and quality of programmers has grown dramatically over the past 10 years. They are now without question the world leader in cyber-war capability.

      As fa as them being the world’s most repressive regime, you dozens of pretenders for that crown way ahead of the PRP. I recommend a one trip trip there before your next post.

      1. Since this thread has turned into a stream of non sequiturs, here’s Mr. Wiki on pigs & truffles:

        The female pig’s natural truffle seeking, as well as her usual intent to eat the truffle, is due to a compound within the truffle similar to androstenol, the sex pheromone of boar saliva, to which the sow is keenly attracted.

        I did not know that.

        1. I have to say, that was funny—I laughed. I’m almost ashamed of myself. Then again, Number One Son was funny as a comic foil in the Charlie Chan movies…nobody got bent out of shape over perceived stereotypes in those days…what has become of us…cue the PC Police in 3…2…1…

        2. Ok, movie reference time. “1941” Japanese soldier: [trying to squeeze a large radio into the sub] “We’ve got to figure out how to make these things smaller!” Yes, I know we were on a Chinese rant, but it was the best I could come up with…

  2. wow. not again.

    Apple just won the iPad name lawsuit in China.
    now this.
    i suppose Apple will pay a high price to be in China’s market, as the law suits will never cease, now that the Chinese have become as greedy & litigious as us Americans.

    this new suit is so pathetic. i love Chinese culture, history etc. so don’t call me racist, but as if the Chinese were ever any good at hight tech, until very, very recently. Zhizhen’s Siri tech can’t be more than a laughing stock of a difference with the real Apple Siri!

    everybody thinks they can just copy/kill Siri – none realize it’s still in beta + took 3 decades to develop! you don’t just wish to compete & poof, voila, you solve this!

    these anti-Apple law suits are as pathetic as Lewinsky deviously planning to earn a living on blowing a president. like iSteve said, and he’s 99% always right, as proven by Flash and most of everything, at a much higher success rate than bloody Nostradamus: stop copying mm for mm, invent your own epic shit!

    1. before anyone misreads me.
      i never said Chinese are stupid or didn’t invent much. i’m only talking of high tech.

      but i do say, Chinese deserve all their current economic success as they are german-like workaholics and these 2 countries are the most successful in this day & age, for being such hard workers, never sitting on their fat comfortable asses like the rest of the Westerners who complain about outsourcing etc. Invent or do your own epic shit. the entire world deserves to succeed, not just us Westerners. it’s a life cycle. we had our turn. now it’s theirs. they bloody worked hard for it and know about sacrifice & the value of freedom more than us spoilt brats.

      by the way, China is not on top just because of their numbers, but thank to having a brain and using it! Cheers to that creativity!

      1. Well written wolf… eye aweed

        wesides, we walso won cos woo pay our wacktory workers n wall our weoples are waving their money in bank of china

        woo westerner r wery wonderful, wank-u

      2. Well said, indeed.

        I have always admired the Chinese, and many other Asians, for being hard workers. Creative, I really click a side in that argument. When I went to china, 8 years ago, I saw many things. Some things, (I think) they created. While others, are counterfeits of products, will have to give them credit for catching all the detail though. It was hard to tell that these products were fake.

        I really can’t hold an argument about creativity though. While they may have products that they ace up with (that I missed), there were also a lot of counterfeit giving them a bad impression.

        As far as the patent thing goes, I don’t know whether or not this guy is serious or making up bogus tales to make an easy buck (with the help of the Chinese government), but I do know, this case may bounce back and fourth for a while….

        “Hey, they stopped us from making a buck out of selling fake iDevices. Let’s just sue them and make a huge profit”.

      1. Relax, doctor. We got it the first time – you’re trying to imitate a Chinese person talking English. HA! HA! HA! ROTFLMAO!! HA! HA! Now could you go away and clean out the chicken shack or something?

    1. Wait, this little Chinese company was sued by Apple? I missed this, please provide a link.

      That, or apologize for your terrible attempt at trolling.

    2. What, Greg get your information correct, Apple only goes after if they have thier IP used without consent, and if you look you will find that Apple is NOT the ones whom have sued more.

      And Greg don’t try to turn facts around, many reports and even breakdowns on graphs show Apple was and is not sue happy like the Android/Google fanboi’s make it out to be.

      One link out of hundreds, and use your own search engine to find the rest, I did your homework for you this time.

      “But the core of these ongoing lawsuits is all about whether other companies are building products that infringe on Apple’s patents. If they are, Apple has the perfect right to claim injury and demand they stop, or pay the appropriate license fee for using that intellectual property. Those who felt that Apple under Tim Cook would be more lenient in dealing with intellectual property issues than Steve Jobs are clearly wrong. Apple hasn’t stopped filing lawsuits.”

      Apple files and shows that only if another company uses it’s IP wrongfully.

      You may not like it but that’s the way it is, and greedy no nothing’s will come out of the cracks to get a piece of Apple, even if they have nothing at all to do directly with its business.

      Company’s like Samsung and Google will find out that it wasn’t wise to use and then apologize later to Apple.

      Apple is far from being a full time R&D Service for the rest of the copycats using its designed technology’s, and history has shown that others wait until Apple innovates.

  3. Americans are just as stupid for buying all the crap products coming out of China. Maybe if we bought fewer junky items that do little to help us and take up lots of space in our homes we can make statement that matters.

    1. Sound like a personal problem, not enough storage space for the crap you shovel…. Including the crap you have also purchased.

      At it again macheadb……..

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