Apple’s next-gen iPhone powered by quad-core processor, sources say

“Competition for quad-core smartphones will heat up in the fourth quarter of 2012, triggering by the roll-out of much speculated new iPhone and models built based on Qualcomm’s quad-core chips, according to industry sources,” Daniel Shen and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“Qualcomm plans to begin volume production of its quad-core integrated platform solutions in the second half of the year, which will enable more vendors to bring out competitive quad-core models,” Shen and Shen report. “Additionally, Apple is also expected to release its next-generation iPhone built on Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad-core processor in the second half, heating up competition in the segment, commented the sources.”

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    1. MDN aside, a recent article said that Android apps were really not using the dual core systems in place cause of poor software.

      Remember the articles about how Apple designed OSX to be very multi core aware and to use then as needed, efficiently.

      Shut them down when not needed and task split and run them when needed. Apples forethought about software and efficiently using power and core cpus make all the difference.

      Just a thought.

      1. Thats right it is a useless rumour.

        My dad says it will be a 8-core CPU, but just because he is a engineer at Apple means sh_t. While, God told me, he heard Jobs said the other day, it most definitely be a dual-core, A17.

        Rumours eh?

      2. Exactly. Apple is all about in-house design. Samsung or another chip maker may MANUFACTURE the chips on their own assembly lines, but those designs are 100% apple’s

  1. “Apple is also expected to release its next-generation iPhone built on Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad-core processor.”

    Apple doesn’t build anything with Samsung’s dirty processor.

    1. Ah but iOS is, and it also extremely efficient about throttling down the other systems in the phone as well. On the other hand with android phones a single core system can suck a huge batter dry in a matter of hours just accidentally backgrounding a few tasks.

      That’s why there is the “real iPhone” and the crappy knockoffs. The thing I don’t get is that people will pay nearly equivalent pricing for a android powered knockoff.
      How dumb is that?

  2. Apple’s iOS can do more with a dual core chip than Android can do with a quad core chip.

    This is just more bullshit for shorting Apple when it turns out to be wrong.

  3. Looks like another nonsense from DigiTimes.

    There is no much sense in using quad core SoC on a phone. At best, it makes sense to use quad core *graphics* (SGX-543MP4) in SoC, like A5X that is used in iPad 3, for even better quality of games and 3D applications. But hardly there is need for quad of regular non-graphic cores.

  4. With the Ipad 1, apple went to great lenghths to develop its own A4 processor inhouse that is based on arm design. Same with road map navigation in ios 6 because of the spat with google. So why would apple rely on slamdung to provide processors. This story is a waste of space 😡😡

  5. Samsung make Apple’s processors (for now) and this is a confusion based on that fact I expect. Apple will if possible move it’s own designed chips to another fab it will not use Samsung chips in the present circumstances.

  6. More useless rumors about future Apple products. It’s so damn annoying. I see there hasn’t been any mention of Liquidmetal in the processors, so that’s a big relief. Bloggers just have a field day with Apple rumor crap. What difference does it make what Apple uses in the iPhone? I’m sure it will be satisfactory with consumers even if all the tech-tards hate it.

    1. It wasn’t Apple’s G5, it was IBM’s. And that was after ten years of using PowerPC CPU.

      Apple’s SoC, like everyone else’s, is built around ARM. There is no reason for them to switch to another SoC. It’s only been two years; there is no way they are going to let their investment in Intrinsity and PA Semi go to waste.

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