Apple’s market value primed to go to $1 trillion, creating largest company in history

“A question that has come to realization recently and allows me to raise my estimate for the company’s 12 month share price to $976, is based partly on iPhone shipments in the second quarter,” Muhammad Bazil writes for The Motley Fool. “That would raise the market capitalization from $576 billion to $1 trillion, creating the largest company in history.”

“I estimate that over the next three years, the overall US tech market will grow 5 percent, while in 2011 it grew 9 percent. Therefore, the market cap for the tech sector should grow $390 billion through 2014, whereas Apple should be able to capture half of this,” Bazil writes. “Apple’s competitors represent nearly $1 trillion in market cap and I estimate that Apple should capture 20 percent of their industries. These competitors include, Google, Dell, Hewlett-Packard Company, Research in Motion, HTC, Samsung, and Microsoft.”

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    1. Actually, no. Instead, “Give them what Apple wants!”

      Otherwise, we’d have iPhones and iPads with keyboards.

      3-button mice.


      Floppy Drives.

      Serial ports.

      800 x 600 screen resolutions.

      Instruction manuals.

      1. In this case, I’d say you don’t speak for me,.
        3Button mice…nope
        Flash…def nope
        floppy drive/s….nope
        screen resolution works for my film editing needs, fine
        instruction manual….already available online, if one needs such a thing

      2. In many respects, your quote is key to Apple’s success in the market, but your comment rode my premise into a ditch. The fact is Apple knows what we want; to be happy with our purchases. HOW they do it has been a hot topic since 1976.

        As for your list:

        I can’t live without a three-button mouse.

        I still tolerate Flash, but we’re not in a relationship.

        Floppies were terribly important for a period.

        Serial ports have been standard fair on Apple computers for 36-years. (Who remembers Super Serial?) Thunderbolt is a serial interface!

        800 x 600 on an external monitor from my Powerbook 190CS was great back in the day. Many of my wineskin games run in a window not much bigger than 800 x 600 and for that I’m grateful.

        Instruction manuals? Really?

    2. What I “wanted” was a computer without “the blue screen of death”, didn’t crash all the time, didn’t get viruses all the time, looked great, was simple to use, had a power cord that actually survived the life of the computer, and just let me do my things I needed to do, simply and without a lot of fuss. Apple delivered.

  1. if anyone can be 1st $1T co., it’s AAPL.
    no one else!

    it’s already 1st over $1/2T!

    many call AAPL dead after iSteve.
    but even if you don’t believe his descendant managers are as creative, do you think Steve was iSteve because he didn’t plan beyond a Communist 5-year Plan, not for at least a decade ahead?!

    keep bitching then. naysaying. bring on all the 1000s of failed Apple killer products/services.

    AAPL has room to grow!

    at least 1 firm in our nation of America, think.
    thinks different.
    thinks not with their prick or ahole, not with brawn,
    but mind, body, spirit, passion, vision.

    add to that nazi-efficiency for business/manufacturing/infrastructure/marketing and you can’t beat their perfect calculations.

    wish to compete?
    don’t bother.
    invent new product categories to win, but don’t mess with Apple’s.

      1. no.

        i said Apple is the only one above $500B. over $600B actually.

        there were under 10 other co. that reached $500B.
        but they’re all in the past.
        + they’re ALL oil firms!

        so what closed-minded people do not realize is:
        oil is much easier to reach stratospheric gains, since it’s a product that all humans use daily.
        whereas Apple reached higher stratosphere with luxury or unnecessary products!!! that’s the extraordinary vision!

          1. you’re right.

            i didn’t add details.
            they are all oil companies…that reached $500B 1st, long before the digital era firms

            $500 Billion Club history:
            1. Cisco
            2. Intel
            3. GE
            4. Exxon
            5. Microsoft (even reached $650B yet briefly!)

  2. You can keep peddling those lies analysts and those ridiculous share price predictions but it ain’t working. The share price has not moved in the past 4 months. The people who actually buy Apple shares and therefore determine the price are much too clever to take any notice of these hack analysts which is why the share price is going to stay right were it is folks.

    1. it ain’t working the last Q as the aapl stock is
      1. manipulated by big hedge fund managers or big movers who force the stock down before the next Quarterly record-breaking earning to maximize their profits; this is not a conspiracy theory but scientifically proven

      2. most market analysts are anal-ysts. they do not understand the tech industry, have no vision, and certainly don’t get apple. fortune & forbes have proven that amateur analysts beat pro analysts at predictions

      3. not only do several of the top amateur analysts but also top realistic pro analysts. see all analyst predictions listed in this FaceBook article: Apple Worth? (scroll down to “$1 Trillion” section)

      4. there’s plenty of logical reasons as to why AAPL will reach $1T, whether you like it or not. all top article links for the $1T question are listed here at above link too.

    2. Not likely.

      Even with an absurdly Lou p/e ratio, AAPL will continue to go up. Simply because Apple’s earnings are growing dramatically, and their cash pile is growing dramatically.

      AAPL shares will still go up at a good clip, even with dumb, blind investors setting the share price.

    3. “the share price is going to stay right were it is folks.”

      That’s just silly, Shaun. They are simply making way too much money for that to be true. Apple’s share price is a function of their cash (see asymco for details) and their cash keeps growing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So the price will go up. AAPL stock is simply the best bargain of the 21st century. And when the cash hit $200B the dividend will go to $20 or $30 or even $50 per share. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for the average investor, and the only reason is that Wall Street won’t look beyond the cash on hand.

      1. You think share price has something to do with cash, right? Well, explain to me why Apple is sitting at $600 yet Priceline is sitting at $690. Exactly what does Priceline bring to the table that Apple doesn’t? Why are investors so happy to buy Priceline at $700 and yet they balk at paying $600 for Apple.

        What I’m getting at is that although I believe Apple’s share price will rise somewhat, it won’t reach those crazily high numbers of $800 and beyond. I just don’t think cash alone is going to move Apple’s share price no matter how much money Apple pulls in. The share price can only rise as high as investors think it’s worth and I don’t think they believe Apple is worth all that much. Otherwise, Apple would be well above Priceline by now if there were any standard fundamental reasons. I think there are too many Wall Street investors that believe Android and Windows Phone will stop the iPhones’s growth.

        Whenever I see Apple’s share price stall for months at a time I have to question exactly what is going on. I figure it’s stalled because there are forces that are keeping it down on purpose. I always think those same forces can limit Apple’s share price and prevent it from reaching those really high estimates. If Apple is a far stronger company than Priceline then I have to wonder why Priceline can continue to rise without stopping and Apple continues to stall.

        1. Laughing boy, do you realize what the price per share means? Saying that people are willing to pay $700 for one and not $600 for the other means nothing. Comparing share prices is pointless and ignorant.

  3. Laughing Boy do you understand that Priceline is a tiny company compaired to Apple. Priceline is worth $690.55 per share but only 34.4 Billion because they have issued less shares. Apple is worth $99.41 per share totaling 560.5 Billion.

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