Micron becomes a major Apple supplier with $2.5 billion Elpida deal

“Micron is buying bankrupt Japanese chip maker Elpida for $750 million in cash and $1.75 billion in future installment payments, according to a company statement released Monday,” Antoine Gara reports for TheStreet.

“In a separate move, Micron also said on Monday that it would buy a 24% stake in Taiwanese chip maker Rexchip Electronics for roughly $334 million from Powerchip Technology Corporation, adding to the 65% stake in the company that Elpida owns and putting its share ownership at 89%.,” Gara reports. “By adding Elpida and Rexchip’s manufacturing capabilities Micron will roughly double its capacity to make DRAM memory chips, which are a key component of smartphones and mobile devices, and become a supplier to Apple.”

Gara reports, “In late 2011, Micron had been reported to consider a multi-billion bid for Elpida prior to its bankruptcy; however a deal never emerged. In early February, former Micron CEO and chairman Steve Appleton died in a plane in a plane crash. Later that month, Elpida filed for bankruptcy.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: May Samsung feel the pain.

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  1. Nice move for Apple!

    But this has got me, sorry for the dark humor look.

    “Steve Appleton died in a plane in a plane crash.”

    The Above Quote says it all, Really it does!

    1. Kenrm, Yes the grammar is a bit out of whack…

      Of course one could die in a plane of a heart attack while waiting to take off….
      Or.. the place could catch fire cause someone was smoking in the bathroom…
      Then there is food poisoning, assassination, and of course, terminal boredom.

      Just saying. LOL

    1. The main thing is Apple will probably LONG outlive Microsoft and others as the preeminent consumer tech company. Apple has people’s trust whereas NO ONE of a sane mind trusts any move Microsoft or Google makes. Including their own partners who know MS & Google will leave them in the cold if their own survival is perceived to be at stake. Apple now has critical vertical advantages that’s not in Microsoft’s DNA and never will be under Monkey Boy and Google isn’t much better under the Mole and the “kid”. Time and technology has vindicated Apple in this regard and show it to be a critical advantage going forward. No sugar water CEO and no mole on the Apple board will start to really change things up. Apple’s only getting warmed up.

      1. “whereas NO ONE of a sane mind trusts any move Microsoft or Google makes”

        THANK YOU!!!!!! My God it’s been a long time coming but finally someone says what I been thinking forever.

      2. Not entirely true… if Apple no longer needs a company, they are dropped faster than Britney Spears panties. Apple is pretty hardcore with their business practices. Not saying its bad (it’s not), but companies should strive to stay relevant in Apples eyes, or prepare to be cast aside.

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