Apple injunction against Galaxy S III would mean ‘big problems’ for slavish copier Samsung

“Apple’s recent string of courtroom victories against rival Samsung are continued progress in the company’s ‘thermonuclear war’ against Android. Its next target: the latest flagship Android smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S III,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple initially tried to halt sales of the Galaxy S III with an injunction before it launched in the U.S. last month, but failed to halt the stateside debut of Samsung’s latest smartphone,” Hughes reports. “However, the Galaxy S III remains a courtroom target for Apple, and a victory halting its sale would leave Samsung with ‘big problems on its hands,’ analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets said in a note to investors on Monday.”

Hughes reports, “Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs vowed to biographer Walter Isaacson that his company would ‘destroy’ Android, as he considered it to be a ‘stolen product.’ Jobs said he was ‘willing to thermonuclear war’ and would have spent ‘every penny’ that Apple had to ‘right this wrong.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. A pox on you Samdung. You thieving bastards. The hammer is falling. You are about to lose these court cases. About to be unsellable in the free world. Lastly about to lose Apple as a client, all in all what you have done will be taught in business schools from now into the foreseeable future. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, thou shall not steal, thou shall not lie, thou shall not covet thy neighbors tech, thou shall not commit adultery(cheating on Apple),
    Don’t stand on Super Jobs cape, don’t spy into the wind…
    Wash your hands before leaving the rest room.
    Just in case you jackasses at Sandung missed any other of the important rules.
    So glad not to be a Samdung stock holder. If you are how do you not question their leadership?
    Sure we are selling lots of phones but we are not really making any money. Sure we stole technology but we thought we would get away with it. Yes we screwed over our biggest customer who has been single handily responsible for our insane growth these past 5 years but we didn’t know they might get upset.

    What a bunch of buffoons.

    1. Did you mean this to speak about Apple? You Apple disciples kill me. Sheeps who do not understand a thing about Patent hocus pocus. Apple would file a patent on Apple boys and girls if they could.

  2. Rest assured that some asshat Android / Google bitch/user judge will make sure that Theft Pays Well.

    Just look what happened to Apple versus Microshit. The criminal Bill Gate is being celebrated as the greatest philanthropist.

  3. So tired of this. Apple is being very petty. Slide to unlock? I’ve been doing that in hotel rooms and Airplane lavatories for decades.

    Patent system is broke, and Apple is taking advantage of it. Unfortunately, the only recourse other companies have is to retaliate in kind… which is not good either.

    I’ve got both 4 Apple products and 3 Android products, I’ve never gotten them confused… they are plenty different enough. I don’t remember HP ever suing Dell over power buttons on their machines or placement of media buttons on a laptop. This is out of hand.

    1. While some of what you say may be true, only true courts can decide this issue. The matter is now in the courts. Court decisions require time, effort and cash. Intellectual property is a complex subject. Only the court will decide. And, it’s “patent system is broken, not broke. Precise language is even more important in this century. P.S.- true airplane lavatory door system is covered under an Apple patent.

    2. It may well be both broken and out-of-hand, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. When you look at an iPad next to a Galaxy tablet you have to admit (just like Samsung’s lawyers had to) that you can’t really tell them apart. Why did Samsung have to use the exact same styling, ratios, colorations, corner radius, materials, etc.? Why? Because they want to profit from consumers making mistakes, and from salespeople wanting to offer a cheaper solution to unknowing customers. So Apple is being denied their profit from very hard work in discovering and perfecting what is the optimal shape, feel, design, response, etc. simply because Samsung engineers were quick to copy. If you disagree with their formula consider this: How many years did the market for tablets languish before Apple released their product, and how much time transpired between Apple’s introduction and Samsung’s copying? Unless Samsung wants to produce *proof* that they too were researching and developing a tablet all those years then they have no right to produce exact duplicates. This isn’t a righteousness argument — it’s an innovation argument. If Apple *doesn’t* profit from all those stubborn years of getting it right then they won’t do it again. No one will. The effort must be rewarded on its own rights, or fail on its own rights. Successful copying hurts innovation by hurting the motivation and reward behind it.

    3. You could look at a lot of patents no doubt in hindsight and say they are obvious but does that mean all “obvious” but clever patents should never be granted? The point is there are many ways to activate a device and every device manufacturer wants to differentiate themselves from the competition, except for the thieving slavish copier types who don’t want to put in the time and effort and only want to rip off other companies hard work with impudence. They want people to think all things are equal and the way they do that is to copy functionality.

      1. If your read all of the words I wrote, you would see the words “consumer products”. In other words, anything that Best Buy or the likes sell that have the Samsung name on the outside of the product.

        Apparently, one has to spell it out in great detail on this forum before it is understood.

        1. Boy, did you ever hit the nail on the head with that one… clear, concise language is very difficult for many to follow because they have never been made to write anything that makes sense in their education, so if they can’t write a clear, reasoned, logical sentence or paragraph, why should they be able to understand one…? Just look at all the political crap being spouted in our media now that passes as reasoned argument, when it is nothing but wild generalizations, unsupported assumptions and grossly illogical assertions… and this gets digested as fact by people who can’t tell the difference… okay, rant over.

          1. It seems that boycotting all Samsung products would be the most effective way of expressing one’s enmity. Just refusing to purchase branded items seems so impotent.

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