Samsung appeals U.S. court’s bar to Galaxy Nexus phones

“As Samsung Electronics Co.’s legal battle against Apple Inc. escalates, the South Korean technology giant said Monday it had appealed a U.S. court’s preliminary injunction against the sale of its Galaxy Nexus phones in the country, a decision that granted Apple’s request,” MarketWatch reports.

“In a widely expected response to a potential setback in one of its largest markets, Samsung, the world’s biggest smartphone seller by sales volume, said Monday it filed a motion on Sunday to appeal the court’s recent decision, seeking to suspend the injunction,” MarketWatch reports. “Samsung’s motion to the U.S. district court said: ‘Mere loss of sales cannot justify an injunction; instead, irreparable harm in the form of lost market share must be shown.'”

MarketWatch reports, “An Apple spokeswoman reiterated the company’s earlier statement that Samsung had copied its products and that the iPhone maker will continue to protect its technology.”

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MacDailyNews Take: May Samsung’s appeal fail at least as spectacularly as their argument.

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  1. Someone pointed out earlier that samsungs argument sounds a lot like this metaphor-

    If caught driving suspected under the influence- an innocent plea would be saying “I wasn’t drunk”. Their argument is more akin to “sure I was drinking but I’m not too drunk to drive”

    They’re basically admitting being guilty of IP infringement.

  2. This motion would seem to recognize that Samsung copied Apple but that Apple is so successful that it cannot be harmed — not exactly a great argument.

  3. Samsung: “After shooting Apple in the chest during our robbery, mere compromising of cardiopulmonary function is not enough to justify our incarceration; Apple must show they have suffered irreparable harm to their health.”


  4. ‘Mere loss of sales cannot justify an injunction; instead, irreparable harm in the form of lost market share must be shown.’

    OK, so when does Apple *EVER* get those sales back?

  5. Shamsting continues their disingenuous Nathan Thurm defense. They miss the point entirely. It’s not about irreparable harm or loss of sales to Apple, it’s about COPYING Apple’s devices verbatim. Shamsucks mantra: “Believe what we tell you, not what your eyes can see”

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