Survey: Apple ‘iPad mini’ would crush Google’s Nexus 7 tablet

“In anticipation of the Google tablet launch, Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt surveyed a group of consumers about what tablets they might find appealing,” Eric Savitz reports for Forbes.

“Among other things, he asked people whether they would rather buy a $300 7-inch iPad or a $200 7-inch Android tablet,” Savitz reports. “The results: 26.1% want an iPad Mini, compared with 8.5% who liked the cheaper Android tablet.”

More results in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]

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    1. I wouldn’t…since I already have 2 iPads 😉

      …but this is the only time I’ve thought Apple should target both ends of the market. A 7ish inch retina display would steal the show for sure. Especially if they could pull it off in the $100-$200 range.

  1. What about even smaller, say 5″ or 6″? Make it an iPod, not an iPad. Give it the same actual resolution as the original iPad, but make the effective resolution iPhone size for a Retina display. Then people would run iPhone apps on it, not squished down iPad apps that wouldn’t work (UI elements would be too small). Then Apple cuts the price of the iPod touch to $150 and sells this for $225. Android is toast. Steve Jobs’ words about smaller tablets not working would be validated because this wouldn’t be a tablet, but a big touch.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Zmarc. The current iPod touch’s form factor is achieved in a much more useful device at about the same price – the iPhone (when subsidized by carriers of course). The iPod nano can be revised to a more iPod mini-ish design for those still wanting a flash storage iPod for “on-the-go.” A 7.85″ media player, at a value price point, and taps in to Apple’s ecosystem sounds like a 7″ Android killer to me. Call it the “iPod with Retina display.”

  2. I think people COMPLETELY underestimate how many 7.85″ iPad Touch Apple would sell. Those people on a budget or who have waiting for that form factor will scoop them up in drives. I have an iPad 1 & 3 and I’d still buy one for those times an even smaller iPad made sense. Especially if it has Retina Display. I won’t go back to the other type of inferior display. I am spoiled rotten!

  3. All the “rumors” suggest it will have a 1024 X 768 display, not retina level. Even so, a 7.85 inch iPad for $249-$299 would sell like crazy.

  4. The Nexus looks good, I have no problems with it. A smart product, and it isn’t the Fire.

    If Apple shows us a small iPad, though, I’ll buy that.

    Otherwise, the smaller product wins. I don’t need an iPad, it’s essentially the size of my macbook.

  5. I agree it would be great as an iPod Touch. For playing games etc.

    An iPad with smaller screen doesn’t feel right. Wouldn’t fit a lot of the stuff I use an iPad for.

  6. Not pocketable, won’t fit purse, would cost nearly the same as an iPad, weakens Apple’s product line up by dilution, would be a toy rather than a computing device and on and on and on.

    Not an Apple approach.

  7. I wouldn’t buy a 7″ inch iPad if they are the same sized screens as the others. They are too small. Maybe if they are more of a square like the current iPad it might not be too bad. But the widescreen looking long thin screen I just think it annoying and too small.

    1. I’ll tell you who would buy a smaller, less expensive iPad–parents. Everyone I know who has kids has a real block against giving a child a $400-$500 machine. The iPad is too expensive to trust most younger kids with. The iPod touch, on the other, seems to small and fragile and isn’t large enough for much educational software.

      A $200 7 inch iPod, on the other hand, is big enough to be useful, cheap enough to pierce psychological barriers, and is still a good and convenient size for an adult to watch a movie on, use pandora, play games, etc. I have a fire as a light weight spare and would replace it with a 7 inch iPod.

  8. I don’t see apple doing a 7 inch tablet. Apple doesn’t follow others they create markets for others to copy apple (cues Samsung) and for $150 more I would have the full size iPad

  9. I have no doubt that an ‘iPad Mini’ would crush the other kids on the block.

    But where is the market? Where is the profit? Why would Apple care? So far I have never read any reasonable justification for an ‘iPad Mini’. Not Gonna Happen. Don’t Care.

    Now back to my iPod Touch / ‘iPod Micro’.

  10. NO chance it will be called IPAD mini. At best we may see a long awaiting upgrade to IPOD line. The IPOD may get thinner with a bigger display to address the “7 inch” consumable space but it won’t be compatable with IPAD apps. Steve O was pretty adamant that the 9.7 inch screen and the apps on IPAD are joined at the hip. A 7 inch device would be for books, movies, games. Could it do more sure, but not on the back of the current IPAD library.

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