As the battle for the living room heats up, Brightcove bets big on Apple TV

Ben Popper reports for The Verge, “‘The mythical Apple television set that everyone talks about is already here,’ said Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Brightcove, sipping an iced cappuccino with The Verge on a particularly hot New York morning. ‘Airplay is the trojan horse that has put connected TVs into every household with a iPhone or an iPad.'”

“Today Brightcove announced that its App Cloud platform will create a toolkit to focus on helping media companies create dual-screen apps: programs which use the iPhone or iPad as a remote control while streaming HD video to television sets through an Apple TV,” Popper reports. “This technology, Airplay, will soon work with Apple computers as well, provided they are running the newest version of Apple’s Mac operating system, Mountain Lion.”

Popper reports, “A recent survey found that 80 percent of Americans are multitasking on a smartphone or tablet while watching TV. Attempts to create web connected televisions in the past, most notably by Google, have been stymied in part by poorly designed and overly complicated remotes. ‘The iPad with Airplay changes all of that, by putting a powerful, intuitive remote into people’s hands,’ says Alliare.”

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  1. MDN frequenters have known this for how long now? A couple of years now? Ugh. Just UGH! If only the teennie bopper, neophyte Mac users only knew how lucky they are with Apple technology of this day and age. AAPL is going to hit a HOME RUN GRAND SLAM with their next release of products.

  2. Whatever’s on Safari is the channel… I don’t just want AirPlay mirroring, I want the ability to send Safari content (or other app content) to the TV, then continue to view other content on my Mac. ANYTHING I want to see on the TV can be sent magically over, yet I can continue to be productive on my Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. (Yes, to all the haters, one CAN be productive on an iPad…)

  3. The best Apple TV is a Mac mini (HDMI Equipped) running Snow Leopard (for Front Row) with an EyeTV HD attached for tuning and DVR work. Set your Eye TV to record what you want with smart scheduling and export to iTunes.

    Now, with Front Row you have all your iTunes content, ripped DVDs, EyeTV Recordings and anything online you wish to watch. You can also watch DVDs is you need to.

    The EyeTV can be programmed from any iOS device equipped with the EyeTV app and can stream live video or recordings on demand. The Mac can also pull content from other Macs in the house.

    The hockey puck isn’t for me. Still have a 160GB ATV.

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