Apple v. Samsung: injunction hearing on Friday, design patent dropped, transparency dispute

“There have been some new developments in the first U.S. litigation between Apple and Samsung pending in the Northern District of California,” Florian Mueller reports for Foss Patents.

1. Judge Lucy Koh has scheduled a preliminary injunction hearing concerning the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for Friday, June 29, 2012, as a follow-up to to the Federal Circuit’s appellate decision.

2. Apple has dropped an iPhone user interface design patent as part of continuing efforts to narrow the case with a view to the upcoming trial.

3. The court is defending public access to filings against excessive sealing, pointing to Ninth Circuit law.

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Apple is decimating everyone….RIM, NOKIA, DELL, etc. There are a lot of jobs that depend on status quo. Much like the jobs that depend on the combustion engine. GM killed their electric car because, for the sake of saving jobs they were told to do so by the powers of the time. Eventually the electric car will win.

    The same is happening to Apple. Look at the reasons given by Judge Posner for dismissing case against Motorola a few days ago. He cited things like “not in the public Interest” and “would be drastically detrimental to Motorola” as the reasons for dismissing the case. Nevermind that Apple had the patents. But again, Apple will win out…..just not in the judicial system.

    1. The electric car will never win, its not efficient, and its highly unlikely to ever be efficient enough to replace a gas powered car, whether that gas be propane, natural gas, or hydrogen. The mere fact that despite years of research, the best they can do is an electric car that goes not even 100 miles without other power sources, takes hours to re-charge, and has to be subsidized to the tune of thousands of dollars and costs 3x as much as gas powered car in a similar class of vehicle. Electric cars are a waste of time and effort.

      The judge was wrong, he didn’t follow the law, he made a decision that in “his” opinion was not in the public interest, not what the law said about what Motorola did.. This happens way to often where a judge places their personal opinions into their rulings that have nothing to do with the laws as written.

  2. what’s the biggest difference between iPad and Droid Tablets?

    PAGES, NUMBERS & KEYNOTE is iPad only – android tablets are useless without word-processing, spreadsheets & presentation software. My friend who bought the 10.1 to replace his broken laptop had to buy a laptop to use Excel. The 10.1 is an expensive piece of junk.

  3. It’s too bad that Apple was forced to drop the design infringement. The courts are so slow that this has become a moot issue. Samsung has changed their designs now, yet the damage was done. Samsung’s virtual cloning of the look and feel of the iPhone in their original Android phones is what enabled them to grab the market share that they have now. It is surprising to me how little value Apple’s patents have been in combating Android clones. When will Apple have a significant win on this front? Every judge with an Android phone in their briefcase should be recused from sitting in judgement of these cases.

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