Pixelmator currently just $14.99 in Apple’s Mac App Store

Pixelmator 2.0.5 is now just $14.99 in Apple’s Mac App Store. It was $29.99. We’re not sure if this is the new price of the app or if it is half off for a limited time.

We’ve reached out to the Pixelmator Team to find out and we’ll let you know what we find out, right here, ASAP.

In either case, if you edit images and you do not yet own Pixelmator, now’s the time to run, don’t walk! We use Pixelmator every single day and highly recommend the app.

More info via Apple’s Mac App Store: Pixelmator – US$14.99

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Johnny Appleseed” for the heads up.]

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  1. I have a 2009 intel mac mini and use Pixelmator all the time. There’s so much you can do with it without paying the high price of Adobe’s Photoshop. Just wish they could come out with an iPad version of their software.

  2. All ready have Photoshop and Capture One. No need for an inferior program. However, if you can’t, or don’t want to afford top shelf products then you should certainly take advantage of this price!

    1. To describe it as inferior is foolish. I can do everything I need to do using Pixelmator. Photoshop is costly and has features that go well over my head (heck, there are things in Pixelmator I’ll never use). For my purposes, Pixelmator is the far superior product as it gets most of the ‘cruft’ out of the way and gives me a program I can comfortably use.

  3. I don’t want to sound like an even bigger nob than I usually do . . . but why does MDN keep saying ‘reached out’ rather than ‘contacted’? Am I missing something? The former sound like they’re performing some kind of intervention. It’s really off-putting. Not to the extent that my head explodes, ‘scanners’-like, in a ball of yukky pulp. But still.

    1. I would think that “reached out” means they sent a query but haven’t heard back. To me “contacted” means you actually had a two way dialog or acknowledgement of some sort.

      1. ever been asked to “ping” someone? My personal fav, “going forward”. That get’s a “f” bomb from me every time. If you are one of the morons using “going forward”, your a pompous ass.

  4. I’d been holding out (work gives me PS for free), but just can’t say no to $15. I’ll probably enjoy using this more than PS for most things–hell, I’ll probably be done with the tasks at hand and be saving the file by the time PS would finally be open!!

  5. Purchased Adobe Creative Cloud after not upgrading from CS3.

    Added it as a monthly expense and have not looked back. Yeah – I’m renting the programs and could not care less. The programs rock. Adobe has come a long way. There are features I don’t use. But they are there should I need them.

    Happy Camper.

  6. Warning to everyone – only use Pixelmator with duped images.

    Mine randomly chooses to ‘disappear’ a pic, leaving nothing but a white space. Handy bug, huh?

    Have updated Psm today, and just hope they have debugged it, otherwise I’ll stick to trusty old Photoshop.

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