Microsoft’s tablet needs to dazzle (link to live video coverage)

“Microsoft’s long-promised tablet is finally (almost) here,” Julianne Pepitone reports for CNNMoney. “The company scheduled a last-minute, mysterious event to be held at 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday in Los Angeles. Microsoft didn’t give attendees much notice — invitations went out Thursday.”

“The rumor mill has been churning ever since, and the conventional wisdom is that Microsoft will be unveiling its first Windows 8 tablet,” Pepitone reports. “Here’s the twist: Microsoft is manufacturing the tablet itself, according to reports in The Wrap and other outlets.”

Pepitone reports, “That would be a drastic shift from Microsoft’s historic strategy of relying on hardware partners like Dell and HP to make its actual devices. If the company does unveil its own Microsoft-branded tablet, there are two ways it can go.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We have but one question: Doorstops, paperweights, and/or boat anchors?

CNET has live coverage of the event via Livestream here.

While we await the answer with non-bated breath, check out the comments below the CNNMoney article.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “silverhawk1” for the heads up.]

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  1. Invitations went out Thursday and as of noon PDT Monday only 20 people had signed up.

    Free concert tickets to Justin Bieber aren’t bringing in very many takers.

  2. If its an X-Tablet with integrated control pads, I’m all over it. They may be out to beat Nintendo, Sony and Kindle in one fell swoop. I think Apple needs to release a magnetic control add on like 3ds circle pad but of course better implementation. Show Nintendo how it’s done right. Still don’t like virtual controls….. But love all things Apple!

  3. Microsoft has had a couple of years, five versions of iOS, and three versions of the iPad to copy. It would be really pitiful if Microsoft is unable to field a decent tablet after having the benefit of Apple’s example.

      1. Or I should say the day Monkey Boy is FORCED to retire. He’d never leave on his own, he obviously sees nothing wrong with his performance. He likes it a lot.

        And so do I.

  4. Since the iPad’s debut, there has been ZERO competition. Half-baked tablets with half-baked OS’s competed like a 98 pound weakling jumping in the ring with Joe Frazier… Someone’s gotta deliver something, sometime – Apple NEEDS some competition…

    1. Now the attendees are dreaming up that it is Courier!

      The following are some comments made by people invited to an event that is 40+ minutes lat.

      Comment From Paulco
      Family Guy is on, I’m out of here

      Comment From casey
      Okay. There is a big difference between viable suspense and taking liberties with my time. I will read about this later and promise to be less excited about whatever they announce and will delay thinking about buying it a month for every 5 minutes after their announcement time.

      Comment From Paul
      Pink screen of death

      Comment From gtbarnabas
      Microsoft: “Even our announcements don’t ship on time.”

  5. Read comments, from CNN Money. Absolutely RIPPING on MS. Sometimes it’s sad to see even the antagonist get beat upon.

    Where’s the support American campaign? 🙂

  6. Show me that microscam…sorry, i mean microsack will show some innovative stuff today and I promise you I’ll stick eagle feathers to a tortoise and teach it how to fly by next weekend. Thanks

  7. Following over on Engadget’s live stream. Hilarious that this whole thing is so rushed, and now it is starting late. Microsoft really is in a complete state of disarray. Great leadership by Ballmer! I hope he stays forever (well, as long as it takes)!

  8. Wow, the whole presentation of the stage is just so tacky – obnoxious colors, looping rectangles on the screen. They have absolutely no class or style…

  9. Ballmer: “We believe that any intersection between human and machine can be made better when every aspect of the experience, hardware and software, are considered together.”

    LMAO! NOW you realize this?! Too damn funny to hear him say this now.

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