Windows 8 on Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Retina display

“This will likely be the last small update before my full review of the next-gen MacBook Pro with Retina Display,” Anand Lal Shimpi reports for AnandTech. “Many of you have asked for information about the behavior of Windows running on the next-gen Pro. After getting both Windows 7 and Windows 8 running on the machine, here are some quick thoughts.”

“Windows 7 won’t expose any resolutions higher than 1600 x 1200 without an actual NVIDIA driver, while Windows 8 will let you select the full 2880 x 1800 panel resolution,” Lal Shimpi reports. “Even without a working NVIDIA driver, I was able to get a feel for what a 2880 x 1800 setting would look like on a traditional desktop under Windows 8.”

Lal Shimpi reports, “Text is indeed very small, but I suspect those with very good eyesight could actually be ok with this. I would love to see Apple actually expose a native resolution option under OS X… Quick conclusions? Windows users will have to wait a bit for official driver support, and NVIDIA needs to hurry up with a GT 650M Verde driver. This is just an insane panel. I’m typing this on my 27-inch 2560 x 1440 display, and to think that the 15.4-inch panel next to it has 40% more pixels is mind blowing.”

More info and screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Alternate headline: “Turning silk into a sow’s rear.”

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  1. When I first switched to the Mac, I ran Windows under Boot Camp as a security blanket, and because I had to access certain corporate websites that only permitted IE to interface with them. Gradually, as I gained confidence in the Mac and the Apple way of doing things I found myself logging less and less into Windows for everyday tasks. When those websites eventually dropped the requirement for IE, I removed Windows completely from the BC partition and reclaimed the space for music and movie files and podcasts.

    What I found booting into Windows was the horror that confronted me by the need to implement constant updates. And a forced restart after that. That meant that every time I booted into Windows I lost 15 minutes doing update patches before I could go on the Internet. That was the first of a long list of painful experience with Windows.

    Of course using Windows again after a hiatus with the Mac felt like driving a tractor after a pleasant experience behind the wheel of a Ferrari. For those who must run Windows, for God’s sake get a freaking $500 netbook and run the abomination there. Do not pollute your retina MBP with that turd.

      1. Yes but, even with Parallels, the horror continues. The experience Ballmer’s Left Nut describes above, (glad to see him coherent for a change), is exactly the same, except you can go do other things on your Mac while Windows churns away installing security updates and GawdKnowsWhat. I appreciate having Parallels 7 helping me do Windozey stuff on Mac hardware. But why-oh-why does this POS OS still exist? Why are so many of my species masochists?! The horror… the horror…

  2. That’s pretty awesome. I know quite a few developers who use a Macbook Air and run Visual Studio (similar to XCode) through Fusion or Parallels. They’re nice and mobile.

    Though, with XCode’s more recent iterations adopting much of what’s in VS, there is definitely a case for switching hardware and dev languages.

    Jeff Atwood (creator of is probably switching now that there’s a retina-screen MBP.

  3. Yeah…sigh…but some of us have to run programs like SolidWorks and I really don’t want to buy a junky PC laptop. With the SSD – SolidWorks screams.

    1. “The fiery letters around the center of the DVD read,
          One OS to rule them all, One OS to find them,
          One OS to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

  4. Wait until you see what I’ve done to my Ferrari. I HATE the fact Ferrari lock me in and I have no choice but to use their engines, so I have ripped the factory engine out and replaced it with a 1.4 diesel from an old Yugo.

    This thing flies now, I get 60+ MPG and I now have an “open” Ferrari. I’m not going to let those idiots at Ferrari tell me what engine to use in my car, I mean, what do they know?

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