Billy Corgan rips Apple’s iTunes, Facebook

“Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has lambasted the iTunes and Facebook culture for helping to take the danger out of rock ‘n’ roll,” Electronista reports.

“In an interview with Antiquiet, Corgan vented his disdain for the ‘cuddliness’ of social networking and iTunes,” Electronista reports. “He thinks that the phenomenon of iTunes and Facebook could be holding back the next generation of genuine rock talent from ‘kicking their own door in’ as bands such as The Clash and Nirvana had done in the past.”

Electronista reports, “His comments, ironically, come at a time when his band’s latest album Oceania is a featured album on the iTunes Store and can be streamed for free ahead of its release.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not just ironically, but hypocritically, too.


      1. Were they ever “relevant”? They definitely didn’t “kick any doors in” as far as I’m concerned, despite Corgan’s attempts over the years to provide the “edge” with his provocative talk on various issues. Their name is apt – they were “smashing” only if it was “pumpkins” being smashed.

        Besides, I’ve never had much time for rockers who whine about the “greedy corporate culture” that they are perfectly happy to make use of to provide them their fame, fortune and the platform they use to pontificate on the state of the world.

        Just shut up and play your guitar, Billy. Being good at that doesn’t turn you and others of your ilk into any kind of great thinkers.

    1. Billy who? Kicking in doors? Really? Morrison and the Doors kicked in some doors. Hendrix assaulted our senses. Joplin broke the establishment. Not much has happened since.

  1. If anything, iTunes can and should be a method for bands to get MORE exposure and opportunity to build a national and worldwide following. They wouldn’t even have to print CDs, just have their music available for download. Do a free Indie song of the week.

    iTunes doesn’t filter out new rock. The thing preventing a “new” rock band from “kicking the door in” is themselves and the music labels, who are content with producing the same recycled pop sounds and American Idol sound-alikes as fast as they can.

    1. @Bizlaw is absolutely right. Corgan’s remarks make no sense. If you want to kick a door down, go ahead. You can record anything you want and sell it any way you want. Big labels only let music in when it suited them. At least in iTunes anyone gets a shot. But hey, Corgan, if you’re so into preserving your art, post your recordings to your website and let everyone download them for free. Then you will have beaten iTunes.. congratulations!

  2. Just HOW is iTunes responsible for lack of “danger”? Huh? Because we won’t buy any crappy track he puts on the album….is that how?

    Stop blaming others for your lack of talent pumpkin. Now go away and make something I might pay for.

    1. Exactly. Irrelevant purveyor of incoherent anti-tonal noise ranting with incoherent noise.

      The market has spoken and those pumpkins have been smashed for the last time.

  3. No worries. Anyone whose creative juices can be inhibited by the likes of Facebook is likely to have anything worthwhile to say. Facebook is for pussies. 🙂

  4. Corgan is full of crap, a self-opinionated loudmouth who only cares about himself. He was slagging off Radiohead for being highly regarded, as if that’s the band’s fault. It’s not like they vote their own albums to the top-end of all-time lists. He ignores the fact that young, up-and-coming bands are gaining from iTunes and Facebook, along with Bandcamp and Soundcloud, as a means to get their music to as wide an audience as possible, without the indifference of ever-changing record label A&R staff, which dogged many an artist on major labels. Aimee Mann’s sad history with labels should be taken as a salutary lesson.
    A local band to me I saw recently, at a smal festival. Never heard of them before. They are on iTunes and Bandcamp, their new EP is available on both, and via their Facebook page you can download five tracks in MP3, FLACK, AAC, and Apple Lossless. They do all their own promotion via Fb, and recently supported InMe. It’s fine for Corgan to mouth off, he’s had a long and successful career.
    Anyone who likes heavy, melodic rock, along the lines of Muse, check out
    And no, I have zero commercial interest, only musical; I just liked them, and I’d like them to do well, if only to prove Corgan mistaken.

  5. “…could be holding back the next generation of genuine rock talent…”

    I’ve been waiting for genuine rock talent long before iTune and Facebook were even conceptualized! Idiot.

    1. Really? We haven’t had any genuine rock talent so far, huh?

      You’re the idiot. You just insulted millions of musicians around the world, dead and living, and next you’ll be telling us you were born deaf, as well as retarded.

      From this moment forward, any post with your name, black or blue, will be ignored. Change your name and we’ll still know it’s you.

      Now, Now… you can’t fixed stupid.

  6. Hey “Billy Boy”
    Why don’t u Spend more of ur Time Learning to Write some good Music 4 once in ur Life and S.T.F.U. Because u Have no idea what ur Talking About.

    (Another Clueless Dumb Ass Musician)

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