Apple’s new iMacs may be right around the corner

“Back in mid-May, a pair of Geekbench 2 benchmarks that claimed to be from unreleased MacBook Pro and iMac models appeared, setting off speculation that updates to both lines might be imminent if the entries were indeed legitimate. But with Apple not updating the iMac earlier this week at its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, those looking for an upgraded all-in-one desktop Mac have been left waiting,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“With updated MacBook Pro models reaching the public, Primate Labs highlighted some of the benchmarks yesterday, and the details for the non-Retina 15-inch MacBook Pro match up nearly exactly with what appeared in the entry from last month, all but confirming that it was indeed a legitimate leak,” Slivka reports. “Now with that information in hand, it pays to revisit the iMac benchmark that appeared around the same time, and while the two benchmarks aren’t necessarily linked, it could generate hope that an updated iMac may still be right around the corner.”

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    1. These petitions always remind me of the one that was started in the early 1900’s to try to convince Henry Ford to stop working on his assembly line theory and concentrate on trying to train faster horses!!!

      1. @Faster
        You know – there is some truth to what you say, but if you go to the blog and see the reasoning given, perhaps you will be a little more sympathetic 🙂

        As I see it, people have a lot of time invested in their Galleries and iWeb sites – and the iCloud document sharing does not meet the needs of some people. So I think this is valid. Given how little the publicity, I think I have a pretty big response (it only went up last night)


  1. Got to love that word ‘may’. Apple also ‘may’ be introducing the new iTransporter the week after they refresh the iMac lines.

    Sources say that it will revolutionize the airline business by eliminating the need to go through security at the airport and sit on airplanes for hours just to get somewhere. It is rumoured to disintegrate the user at their computer and reintegrate them at the destination computer using enhanced FaceTime technology.

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