WWDC 2012: Four insights into Apple’s future platform plans

“Make no mistake. Google shook the wrong tree when its then leader, Eric Schmidt, fouled up his relationship with Apple. Apple’s move to introduce its own Mapping solutions within iOS 6 is a bigger deal than just maps,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“It means Google will be unable to complete its mission of gathering the entire world’s location, usage and travel data in order to make every human life as historically searchable as any other form of data,” Evans writes. “This impacts Google’s future vision for growth, and its bottom line.”

“Then you have Siri. This now offers restaurant recommendations (via Top Table), Sports Results, turn-by-turn driving instructions, support for more languages and much more. It’s amazing. And, as I wrote some time ago, will serve to slice a chunk out of Google’s search business. All those ads which never get shown. All that data which is never collected. Moves which will leave Google increasingly isolated moving forward,” Evans writes. “Apple is now fighting Google in mobile devices; in Maps; in search through Siri; and, as an added value option, is taking a small but probably significant chunk of high value advertising income from AdWords through use of the iAds system. Put it all together and that’s got to hurt.”

Evans writes, “Then there’s the Twitter and Facebook alliances, moves which also leave Google exposed as the company that doesn’t know how to make — and keep — its friends.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wonder how they’re feeling over in Mountain Rue today?

Like they just got hit with a thermonuclear bomb, perhaps? Boom!

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      1. Yes, Steven would be proud looking at Apple in 2021, because by that time there will be already like two-three years when Job’s concepts projected to be implemented in 2010s will expire.

    1. Very long for both Google and Microsoft since they have dominant positions in mobile and desktop OS markets, accordingly.

      The only way how Apple could beat Google worldwide is to release dramatically cheaper phone than $400 iPhone 3Gs — since the IP laws do not work really and no one is going to be seriously ban Google’s OS for IP theft.

        1. All Apple has to do is stop using Samsung to manufacture things and prevent Samsung from copying their industrial designs. Samsung will find Android profits and sales will dry up in time.

  1. Let’s talk Microsoft for a sec. Office is a good product on windows and on Mac. It actually makes Apple stronger. Soon it may also be on iDevices. The reason I bring this up is, I think MS has figured out that it’s time to work with Apple not against. Since they seem to understand that Apple can and will erase your products if they need or want to, maybe it’s time to replace Google Search with BING.

    1. May I correct? Office is horrible both on PC and Mac. They is simply have no taste. Under no circumstances Apple should go with Bing. They better start a very own search engine from scratch. They do have the money. They do have the vision. And they did its own mapping solution. If they could do this, they might do a search engine later as well. We should stay patient, the day will come. So long let’s use Google search with Arnie in mind: The day of justice is about to come. Hasta la vista, baby.

      1. What if they included Siri in future releases of Safari for PC?

        Can you imagine how quickly Safari’s share of the browser market would grow?! If a PC user could download safari and immediately start asking it questions about sports or weather, best restaurants, movies, etc. – ba-bye Google search on the PC!

        1. Very interesting idea. I really think you are onto something. I fully expect Siri to be a major part of Apples overall strategy going forward.

          I like the idea of an Apple designed search engine, too. One with a more elegant and less bloated interface than google has now devolved into and one you can trust, again where Google has fallen short.

          1. I only need one intelligent and relevant answer to my question from Siri rather than a corresponding avalanche of 10 million ton of garbage from Google’s search to the same question.

  2. Let’s not forget Microsoft is to Enterprise what Google is to Search. A partnership with MS would actually help apple in my view.
    1. Replace Google with BING (not right away it needs work, lets be real Google search is awesome)
    2. Tie in Apple gaming, iTuens and “iTV” to XBox, Kinect, and Smartglass.
    3. Limit iWork development for a contract with Office to be guaranteed for X number of years. (Secretly make it awesome for later release)
    4. Do all these things in exchange for deep Active Directory and Exchange integration for all Apple products and services.

    MS gets a consumer boost. Apple gets an Enterprise boost.
    MS doesn’t have to loose for Apple to win. -Steve Jobs

    1. Or we could do it the hard way and develop a search comparable to Google, an Office suite as strong as Office, and give the AppleTV more horsepower and native apps.
      The only downside is there wouldn’t be an enterprise boost.

    2. “A partnership with MS would actually help apple in my view.”
      They SO need help. 🙂

      3. Limit iWork development for a contract with Office to be guaranteed for X number of years.
      Ohhh – Barf! I have Word, in case I just have to have it for some reason with a client. Can’t even remember the last time I used it. A total of a tiny handful of times over the last many years. And over the last fifteen plus years, way more than half the crashes I ever had on my various Macs were due to Word! I soooo much prefer using Pages. Anyone else?

      (Secretly make it awesome for later release)
      Yeh, right. That’s going to happen.
      • Keynote is better and easier to use than Powerpoint.
      • Pages is much cleaner than Word. Made the bloatware Word can do some things that Pages can’t do – but nothing I’ve ever needed.
      • And yes, Excel is clearly more powerful. But the majority of users just don’t need that power.

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