New Mac Pro, spec-bumped MacBook Pro models; New AirPort Express, USB SuperDrive, new MagSafe coming at WWDC

“A new Mac Pro will launch at WWDC, marking the pro desktop’s first update in nearly two years,” 9to5Mac reports. “As we previously reported, the new machine will come in three configurations: two standard models and a server model.”

“we believe that Apple will be announcing both next-generation MacBook Pros with a thinner design and Retina Display AND spec-bumped MacBook Pros with the current design,” 9to5Mac reports. “We believed that the Retina MacBook Pros will come with a 15-inch display and that Apple will release spec-bumped 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pros with the current design.”

9to5Mac reports, “We are yet to receive details on the Retina Display MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Airs, but we believe that those notebooks are still coming at WWDC. Also in the mix is an updated AirPort Express and USB SuperDrive… We also understand that Apple might refresh their MagSafe connector/adapter and sell new adapters and converters between new and old MagSafes. A new Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter will also be made available.”

More information on specific models, specs, and features in the full article here.

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      1. @Indentured1,
        As one of our former Presidents might say, that depends on your definition of the word “confirmed.” 9to5Mac claim it has been confirmed by their anonymous sources.

  1. Look at the money they save throwing in a couple upgrades at the beginning of the WWDC week.

    Look at the free publicity they get at a software conference if there is the possibility and the excitement of a hardware upgrade as well.

  2. I’m prepared to buy an updated MP this afternoon-however, I’ll believe it when I hear it being introduced or in the on-line Apple store-not a minute before.

    1. Mac Pros. What. A. Downer!
      I’m not saying “no NEW models”, not even new CPUs or GPUs! My current Mac Pro is three years old. Sure, it still runs. No, not “crawls” like a three-year-old WinDoze system, it still RUNS. But, it’s getting slower as the software gets more resource intensive. Would a LITTLE attention have hurt that much?

    1. FWIW, I’d saved as a pdf the configuration pages for the old MP on 4/14/12. 12-core, for example, at that time was $4,499. If you go to the main Apple site-not the store- click on “Mac”, the 12-core is now listed at $3,799. Error?? price drops?? New ones there but not officially announced? What?

    2. They had what they called a quiet refresh! My husband seemed pleased for his work PC I did not look myself since I don’t use that machine. Perhaps call them and ask directly. My husband has done that and look up the email for Tim Cook it’s out there so you could let him know.

  3. We don’t need Apple to announce the Mac Pro at the WWDC… We “only” need it to appear in the app store, and that’s done!
    And, yes: cheaper than the Octo i bought five years ago!
    This will be my end of next year’s upgrade, i guess.
    Still the same box, but, as i don’t intend to have a rack of these, it’s quite alright for me! 🙂

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but unless I am mistaken, the “old” base $2,499 model had the 3.2 processor as a step-up option, (now standard) with 3 gigs1066MHz (now 6 gigs 1066 memory, (the same) the 1T drive, (the same) the 5770 graphics card (same) (now 6 megs).

      All I can see that Apple did is essentially reduce the price of the old base model by doubling old-style RAM and adding as standard the older step-up processor. Apple did not release NEW models at all it seems.

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