WWDC 2012’s real news: Apple moves beyond iOS and OS X

“Apple has managed to keep its show more secret than ever this year, perhaps as a result of the damaging “iPhone 5″ mania last summer; it won’t even say whether CEO Tim Cook will speak (of course he will),” Galen Gruman writes for InfoWorld. “Still, there’s broad agreement on what Apple will announce today, given not insider information or magical powers but the deliberate hints Apple has dropped and its consistent history of product announcements. As I’ll explain shortly, the real significance of WWDC will not be any product news but Apple’s increased focus beyond OS X and iOS to common services for all Apple users.”

First, here are the likely product announcements:
• New Mac Pros and MacBook Pros will be revealed
• New maps service
• OS X Mountain Lion
• Expanded iCloud and Siri services
• Updated iWork suite
• iOS 6

Gruman writes, “If you look at the list of what Apple is working on, you can see that most are independent — or could be — of either OS X or iOS.: iCloud, maps, Siri and dictation, sharing services, social integration, iTunes (which may also get a face-lift at WWDC, though its development schedule is less predictable than iOS’s and OS X’s), and iWork. That’s why I believe the real focus at WWDC after the curtain has been drawn on the keynote will be iCloud, Siri, and these other services.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


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