Apple TV will change the content we consume on all our screens forever

“Here is what we think we know about what Apple will announce at WWDC on Monday about Apple TV,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes. “It will be releasing an SDK to allow developers to create apps for a new Apple TV App Store which will be part of iOS 6. The existing Apple TV device and an improved version of AirPlay will enable iOS devices to control the TV screen through mirroring and dual screen apps. iOS 6 will be deeply integrated with iCloud, which will bring email, contacts, calendars, documents, music, movies and photos all to the TV screen in a way that is fluid and synchronized with all of your other screens.”

“To reinforce what Jeremy Allaire of Brightcove said last week, when and if Apple goes into the actual TV set making business is not the critical factor. How Apple enfolds the TV screen, the biggest screen in our lives, into an iOS app ecosystem is,” Kosner writes. “And that is just what they will be announcing tomorrow at WWDC… As Ben Parr writes in CNet, this new ecosystem will give Apple even more of a hardware advantage against its competitors. ‘The big vision is to make all of the screens in your home interoperable via AirPlay and iOS. Once that happens, it’ll be impossible to buy anything but Apple devices, because they will be the only products that work with the rest of screens in your home. Why buy a TV that can’t pull up your favorite apps, shows, and games instantly?'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Game. Set. Match.


    1. If you live in the USA, something like this may well get traction, but the US is but a small part of the world TV consumption and what may work in US is not guaranteed worldwide. So unfortunately another commentator who believes there is nothing outside the US. I think more likely way to break the status quo is through apps. I am already looking at creating a series accessible from within an iPad app. This the exciting avenue.

  1. The author is just blowing smoke. Nothing will change until Apple (or someone else) figures out how to give viewers access to the shows they currently watch on cable tv without the cable company.

    1. I’m pretty sure people said similar things about the music industry. Apple/iTunes changed EVERYTHING when nobody said it was possible.

      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
      Arthur Schopenhauer

      Feels like phase one to me, maybe even edging into phase two.

  2. The Apple TV is one of my favorite Apple products. Great for watching content from multiple sources esp. from Netflix. Also does work well with iPhones for mirroring and playing games.
    Opening this with a SDK could ignite an new platform for Apple especially if game controllers are introduced (maybe by third party only).
    The price is amazing. When Apple come out with a third version I will definitely get that and add an HDMI display rather than a regular TV for the bedroom.

  3. Mr. Kosner writes, “It’ll be impossible to buy anything but Apple devices.”

    Apple doesn’t work that way. iTunes runs on Windows. iCloud works with Outlook. You don’t need a Mac to use Apple TV. Apple designs is products to fit together well, but any one of them can stand alone. You could own only one Apple product without losing any of its features and functions. For example, you can use Apple TV with a PC running Windows and a router from any manufacturer. You need iTunes, but it’s free.

    Anyone can make an AirPlay device. Apple doesn’t design their products so that you NEED to buy the others; rather, they design their products so that you WANT to buy the others.

  4. Since I got the AppleTV 3, I’ve stopped using VUDU because the movies on iTunes are now 1080p. I still use Netflix streaming and receive DVDs but seldom watch either unless it is a fairly new release that I never got to. I use Hulu+ and HBOGo so if they come to the Apple TV via the SDK they become two less reasons to use the Samsung apps on my Internet TV.

    I still have cable TV because they have the fastest internet in my area and you can’t watch HBOGo without a cable subscription to HBO. I also have an app from my cable company that lets me watch live channels if I am home.

    The current gaps in my Internet TV plan are live news, sports, and scripted shows from CBS. The tech is there, the content owners just need to allow it.

    If Hulu+ came to AppleTV, I might just consider giving up cable and CBS.

    1. You’d be surprised at the HD over-the-air content available via antenna. We live about 65 miles from both Tulsa and OKC in rural Oklahoma, and I get all of the networks from both cities in HD with all of the sub-channels (4-1, 4-2, etc.) some of those sub-channels are great movie channels like This and RTV retro Television. All free with the purchase of even a mid-grade antenna an a little setup time. No need for able or satellite, especially when you add in Internet services like Netflix!

      1. I agree. I live about 40 miles north of Phoenix, AZ and we get everything that is OTA… for free. We dropped DirecTV over two years ago because of the expense and lack of more local channels. Cable TV doesn’t exist here and won’t anytime soon… if ever.

        Not sure what this much ballyhooed AppleTV rumor is going to do for me. Especially since anything reasonably-priced and better than low-end DSL is not foreseeable any time in the immediate future.

      2. Sadly I can only get Fox, PBS, and either ABC or NBC (never both) OTA. Plus, my cable TV comes with a DVR and I seldom watch things live anymore.

      1. I might get an XBox for Halo 4 but I have a PS3 and Samsung TV, and an iPad with Hulu and Airplay is coming to Mac OS X, so I’m in no hurry to spend the money on XBOx just to get another instance of Hulu+.

  5. In order for this to work, the app would have to be hosted on the mobile device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) and be pushed to the ATV via AirPlay. The ATV itself doesn’t have enough on-board storage to manage this.

  6. Once that happens, it’ll be impossible to buy anything but Apple devices, because they will be the only products that work with the rest of screens in your home. Why buy a TV that can’t pull up your favorite apps, shows, and games instantly?’”

    Isn’t AirPlay also licensed out? Couldn’t anyone make a tv you could stream your Apples to?

  7. Oddly, he doesn’t mention siRi integration. That is game set match right there. Especially with the advent of a Siri SDK.

    It makes sense apple would make the TV a dumb terminal.

  8. The disappointing part of this article is that the predictions are far from Jules Verne and more like Web Tv. Remember the compaunion the first dot com boom that envisioned mail, web browsing and calendars on your tv. It made little sense then and makes even less sense now that the iPad is a perfect lean back browsing and email productivity device. Why would I want to view this content on my TV when I would rather be watching video. iOS 6 is tempting especially if the apple tv gets an SDK for developers. But the TV is a different device and will be treated appropriately by the Apple team who understands better than most how people look for and consume content.

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