Why Apple is the top smartphone maker

“Nielson is out with some new statistics on the iPhone, pointing out that — as of March 2012 — about 1 in 3 smartphone owners globally are using iPhones,” Larry Magid reports for Forbes. “And, based on recent news, it could get even better for Apple. Virgin Mobile announced that it will soon offer the iPhone 4s on a pre-paid plan with no contract. The phone itself will set users back $649 but the total cost of ownership over a two-year period, according to PC World, will be $1,369 which is $300 less than AT&T and more than $500 less than Verizon and Sprint.”

“Nielson also said that Apple is also a top destination on the web, with 72 million unique US visitors to their site during April 2012 and ‘has been among the top 10 web brands overall,'” Magid reports. “The analytical firm also said that iPhone users download 50 apps on average and that Facebook is the most used app followed closely by Maps.”

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  1. But the real reason people found Apple’s “smartphone” so easy to use, is that you didn’t need a manual thicker than the phone to understand how to use it.

    It was intuitive enough for the average computer literate person to figure out with a few clicks.

    1. 90% of what I know about how to use an iPhone I learned in the first few days by just using it. The other 10% came by random comments from friends or people online.

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