What to expect in Apple’s upcoming Maps app (with video)

“Though once close partners joined together by a common foe (Microsoft), Apple and Google are now nothing short of fierce adversaries,” Yoni Heisler reports for Network World. “The rift between Apple and the search giant of course began when Google decided to get into the smartphone business, a move which Steve Jobs viewed as an ultimate betrayal given that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt used to sit on Apple’s board.”

“For months, a growing number of rumors and reports have been building and pointing to a completely revamped Maps app in iOS 6 wherein Apple will reportedly ditch Google Maps in favor of an in-house solution,” Heisler reports. “But what can we expect to see in Apple’s version of Maps? How seriously is Apple taking its homegrown Maps initiative? Will it be cool and sufficiently feature-rich to satiate the masses who have grown accustomed and reliant on Google Maps?”

Heisler reports, “I’ll map out a brief history of Apple’s in-house mapping program while simultaneously touching upon some of the features we might expect to find in Apple’s take on Maps… Below is a C3 video demonstrating a 3D fly through of Oslo, Norway. Now imagine having this type of functionality on your phone. It’s hardly an understatement to call this a killer feature.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

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  1. Looks impressive on the video. I hope they can realise it like that.

    Anything’s better than that awful iOS maps app that’s based off Google maps. More often than not it gives me incorrect directions because the place I want to go to is not part of a sponsored link program.

    Google is no longer a search driven company. It’s an advertisement selling space company, which at the end of the day is no better than the old style TV networks that sell ad impressions.

    1. Google was never a search company. Search is just the vehicle they use to get page impressions and gather personal data to sell advertising.

      Its the same with Facebook. They are not a “social networking” company. They are an advertising company. They do not sell “social networking” they sell advertising.

  2. It also did not help that the Google maps app never updated to vector mapping, but is still bogged down by the tiles. It’s painfully slow. I can’t wait to see the new app. I hope that when it’s not in full-on, mind-blowing graphics mode, that the simple street map will load rapidly!

  3. Hopefully they will allow a “low altitude” view.
    If I am using it while driving, I dont want a different view than I am seeing through the windshield. Would be a huge distraction.
    Maybe I misunderstand?

    1. Yes, it’s cool for those who travel by plane or magic carpet, but what about us cyclists and pedestrians or the rest of the world?
      And what about accuracy? Google sometimes leads you to around the corner…

  4. So, can we assume that if the Apple’s in-house maps app becomes the pre-loaded iOS map, that the Google maps app will be available soon in the app store as an optional app?

  5. What Google maps are you guys using? I use maps and GE all the time. In the Silicon Valley they are always dead on and the sat images are updated frequently. My house has been flown over no less than 9 times since 6/29/07. Dates: 7/30/07, 9/29/08, 6/5/09, 9/30/09, 9/15/10, 5/1/11, 6/19/11, 10/31/11.
    Tell me Apple will do that. I find that hard to believe.

    1. We’re using the supplied maps. I know for a fact that Google haven’t updated rural area in the UK for five or six years at least, as I can see my last car outside my house, that I sold in 2005/6.

    2. And our maps here in Canada are about 1 or 2 years old.
      Google does fly overs for it’s MapGL base data this is new and totally automated claims Google. Can’t imagine any other city getting 9 passes like your area; this is still in development.
      The typical panoramic street view Maps on Google are collected by ground level automobiles marked Google Maps. Seen many in my country.

      “Sorry, we could not load MapsGL on your computer. Learn more about the system requirements for MapsGL and how to enable WebGL on Safari.”

  6. Apple’s fiercest rivals have been whom exact? IBM, Microsoft, Dell, and now Google? Thank the gods Apple developed a culture of continuously outdoing itself instead of trying to just outdo their hopelessly unworthy adversaries.

  7. Realy looking forward to the iOS update that deletes google maps and replaces it with apple maps.

    Google map is ok but everytime I use it it’s like cheating on your wife with some 2 bit cheating whore.

  8. It is quite something to behold to see how Apple has persistently yet ruthlessly eliminated potential weak spots in its ecosystem that were critical to its overall strategy and devices. Over the course of 15 years Apple has developed or bought iTunes, Final Cut, Aperture, iLife, iWork, Safari, Apple Retail, iCal, Contacts, Logic and of course C3. Not to use them as massive revenue generators but to add value to and protect the value of their main revenue generator, Apple hardware–Mac, iPods, iPads and iPhones.

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