Images of purported ‘iPad mini’ leak; show same mini Dock Connector as leaked ‘iPhone 5’ video

“Just days ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2012, our anonymous source has provided us with pictures of an iPad with miniature proportions,” Graham Smith reports via the Zoo Gue blog.

“Low resolution excused, the images give us a great look at the housing of what may be the ‘iPad Nano’ [or ‘iPad mini’] which has recently attracted so much speculative attention,” Smith reports. “We were provided with information contradictory to current rumors. Instead of being the rumored 7.85 inches diagnostically, the display will take on a 7.58 inch form factor.”

MacDailyNews Note: Could simply be a typo, with “.85” transposed.

Smith reports, “Instead of a six-pin dock connector, the ‘iPad Nano’ takes on a variant pictured only once elsewhere. The size difference between the six-pin and this new mysterious port is substantial, possibly suggesting a switch to microUSB by Apple amidst pushes for regulations that implement a universal charging solution for mobile technologies… Our source close to the topic told us to expect this ‘iPad Nano’ at WWDC���s keynote on the 11th…”

Purported photograph of the "iPad mini" or "iPad nano"
Purported photograph of the “iPad mini” or “iPad nano”

Read more, and see more photos, in the full article here.

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  1. Nothing about the photo, or just the idea, makes sense.

    #1 A mini iPad already exists: iPod Touch or iPhone
    #2 The photo is blurred and that cannot be “excused”
    #3 The item has unimaginative labeling.
    #4 The rows of holes are sloppy.
    #5 The holes and jack are off center.

    With a microdrop of creativity, I could make a much more convincing 3D image. And, it would be in sharp focus in hi-res.

    This is lame.

    1. You are right on all counts. One look at the speaker grill on a real iPad is enough to tell us that those pin holes in this picture are just that! Pin holes!

    2. 5) definitely the mini jack claimed to be the same as iPhone new is OFF CENTRE.

      Furthermore that port has no connectivity pins inside.
      Why, because no one knows what the male or female connector pins will be like.

      FAKE – JAKE.

      PS – iPodTouch Macro — not the iPad Mini

  2. Look, that days of low-res grainy blurry spy photos is over. Everyone has an iPhone now, which means they have a decent camera with them at all times. When image quality is bad, the only reason for it is to cover up sloppy fake protos and bad Photoshop work.


    1. Foxconn workers have cheaper android phone with 2 Meg pixel cameras… and don’t know how to use macro setting.

      What do you expect. Mostly due to the CMOS sensory in these cheaper cameras, low lighting is WELL KNOWN for grainy imagery.

      1. I have iPad and the Magic Jack App. No, cellphone required.
        Wifi all the way. Calls received in every cafe i have been in. leave and switch to my data plan. magic in deed. Beautiful huh. Tired of carrying two devices. One has the power and space and apps needed. Sorry if you shelled out 1,000 bucks for two devices.

  3. True or not, one thing I really do not like… The changed connection port.

    This will mean every cable, dock, etc are useless if true.
    I have an alarm clock that fits my iPhone, with case.. With this change, the clock becomes useless unless I toss in my iPod instead. And then use a 2nd cable to plug in the iPhone..

    Apple should not change this. IMO anyway..

    1. NOt every dock and connector is rendered useless – mort just a hassle – a free adaptor is provided in every box, why are you complaining FTB, until you try it – then decide.

  4. Clearly this is a fake and not worthy of any comment.

    As for having a different dock connector, I do not have any objection to that as long as it includes a better connection bus than USB. i.e. If it includes Firewire or Thunderbolt then I’m all for it.

    The great thing about the first 3 generations of iPods was that they all supported Firewire connectivity – they’d sync in a jiffy. Dropping Firewire was a massive backwards step, since USB syncs ran so much slower.

  5. Mini-connectors of any type are wonderful – for flexing and breaking more easily (and making one very nervous wondering how long it will last). I’m looking at you Mini DisplayPort connector! Say what you will but the DVI connector on my old 2004 G4 Powerbook is rock solid.

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